Yangshuo Village - Liugong

Liugong is a small village at the Li River, about 15 km east of Yangshuo town proper. Unlike the villages from Yangdi to Xingping, Liugong is not visited by many visitors, so it maintains its cultural identity, traditional architecture, and simple farming life. 

You can come to Liugong on a Li River cruise and ride a bike back to Yangshuo(or vice versa). When cycling through the paddy fields, you can see dragonflies buzz and women in coolie hats chase buffaloes from their crops.

Cycling in Liugong to YangshuoCycling in Liugong to Yangshuo

In ancient times, there used to be four famous water-front pavilions in Liugong village. Now, there is only one named Deyue Tower that stands high by the river, but the other three ones were ruined. The time-honoured tower seems to be telling a story about the changes in Liugong village in the last 100 years.

Strolling in the Liugong village, you will feel as if you are walking along a lane in ancient Chinese literature. The buildings are simple yet solemn.

Three Color Pond is the most fascinating and attractive view in Liugong village, which consists of three small deep ponds. Surprisingly, the colours in the pond are different from each other. One is bluish-yellow, one is emerald, and another is muddy. There is an ancient legend about the pond: A rich man often ill-treated his servants, so he was punished by the deity by sinking his house to hell. At the former address of the house was formed the Three Color Pond, each pond separately standing for the rich man's principal room, the kitchen and the stable.

It is about eleven kilometres from Fuli Town to Puyi Town, and Liugong Village is in the middle way. It takes about three hours on a kayak from Fuli to Puyi. The equipment includes a kayak, paddle, and life jacket.

There are also other villages in Yangshuo that are worth exploring: Jinbao Village and Fuli Village.

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