Among the Karst limestone hills and neighbored the Li River nearby the scenic town of Yangshuo, hind some ancient villages far away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Taking a Yangshuo village tour is going to be a great idyllic experience.

As long as you get there, you will love to spend as many wonderful hours as you can strolling along the narrow lanes and the houses of hundred years old, trekking on the bumpy tracks past the verdant bamboo groves and rice paddies or just sitting by the Li River watching fishermen on their bamboo rafts fishing with their well-trained cormorants.

Life is simple here, and so is its beauty. Simply breathtaking. It is almost impossible to take bad photos in these lovely villages near Yangshuo. The water buffalo wallowing at the water's edge, and huge swallowtail butterflies feeding off the river weeds and hibiscus flowers. And they do not forget the people, a simple friendly gesture or ‘hi' will be returned with many smiley faces of young and old.

In the villages, there are some well-preserved big houses and mansions of wealthy families in the past. Many of them are well preserved and the descendants of the families are still living in them. You will be surprised by how sophisticated the architecture is and the ancient philosophies integrated into building the house.

So be there, it is somewhere you will always love to return to.

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