Yangshuo - a Heaven-like Scenic Spot

Yangshuo is a major tourist destination located in Guilin, Guangxi Province, in the south of China. The area has some of the most beautiful karst mountain landscapes in the world. Yangshuo is reached by most visitors by taking a cruise down the picturesque Li River. The area is filled with karst mountains. The views are nothing short of breathtaking. The atmosphere in Yangshuo is a unique one. The streets are usually filled with Westerners, and most of the shops, restaurants, hotels, and bars are designed to cater to them. Each year approximately 100,000 Westerners come to Yangshuo, making it a unique blend of cultures.

Yangshuo CountrysideYangshuo Countryside

The streets of Yangshuo are paved with large stones, and the architecture of the town is Chinese in design. The main street of the town, West Street, is also the main shopping street. West Street has a history of over 1,400 years. The street is lined with shops, restaurants, and bars. Many times during the year, westerners outnumber Chinese. Because of this, West Street is often called "Foreigner Street". Many people there can speak English. Many of the shop's signs are bilingual, and menus always feature English. It is always surprising to hear an old peasant woman speak English. The shops offer handicrafts and items unique to this part of China. At different times of the day, West Street takes on different atmospheres. In the early morning, the street is peaceful and quiet. During midday, the street is filled with shoppers milling about, and in the evening, the street is really hopping.

West Street in YangshuoWest Street in Yangshuo

Another highlight of Yangshuo is its special cuisine. Li River Beer FishRice Noodles, and glutinous rice cakes can all be found there. Li River Beer Fish is made from freshly caught River fish and fried with many secret ingredients. The fish's skin is crispy, and its meat is moist and tender. It should not be missed. There are also many snacks that can be found in Yangshuo. One of the most popular is Ginger Candy. It is made with the freshest ingredients, and visitors can actually watch the candy being produced.

Every evening in Yangshuo, a performance is put on called Impressions of Liu Sanjie. It is held in the world's largest natural theatre. The audience sits on the shore of the Li River, while the waters of the Li River are the stage, and twelve karst hills and the night sky are the backdrops. Impressions of Liu Sanjie is a story about a local minority girl and her life. It was created by the famous Chinese movie director Zhang Yimou. The performance is spectacular. There is not a more beautiful stage anywhere in the world, and the beautiful actors in their traditional minority costumes are a site to behold.

Impression of Sanjie LiuImpression of Sanjie Liu

There are many hills around Yangshuo that are ideal for climbing. Rock climbing has become a very popular sport in Yangshuo. There are climbing routes for every skill level, from beginner to advanced. There are a number of climbing companies in Yangshuo that offer everything visitors need to go climbing, including experienced guides.

The most famous mountain in Yangshuo is Moon Hill. It is a mountain with a large round hole passing through it. Viewing the mountain from different angles makes the hole resemble different stages of the moon, from full, to the new moon. Visitors climbing the 800 marble steps can enjoy a beautiful bird's eye view of the surrounding countryside.

A visit to Yangshuo is not complete without a bike ride through the local countryside. Bicycles can be rented from almost every hotel in Yangshuo. The countryside around Yangshuo is exceptionally beautiful. The landscape is dotted with mountains, and the rice fields reflected in the water are particularly lovely. Farmers living in the countryside work the fields as they always have with muscle, sweat, and the occasional water buffalo. Visitors never know what they will discover around the next bend in the road.

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