Yangtze or Li River?

After having cruised on the Yangtze River, you will never fail to be shocked by its magnificent scenery. The rhythmical roar of the breakers sounded like a symphony. While another wonderful experience you also shouldn't miss - a cruise on the Li River, the experience is just like listening to a lyric piece.

The same as the Yangtze River, the essence reaches of the Li River is surrounded by mountains. But unlike the very high mountain ridges by the Yangtze River, what you mostly see on the Li River cruise are smaller hills and mountains which are in various shapes and are full of spirit.

Li RiverLi River

Yangtze River, the longest river in China, is 6,300 kilometres in length. Typically, that will last not less than 3 days for a cruise with only a little reach of it. Along the riverside, there are numerous historical and cultural sites. While Li River is a small river in south China, cruising on Li River will take only several hours. That is mainly a natural scene route. 

Yangtze RiverYangtze River

As the water of Li River is crystal clear and runs mildly, you can take a little bamboo raft along the river, on which you can see the pebbles lying quietly on the river bottom, fish chasing in the water, the buffaloes and ducks are floating on the water with leisure. If you like, you can even plunge into the river to have a swim. You can't do these in the Yangtze River, for the water is turbidity and torrential.

Is it better to see the three gorges of the Yangtze or the Li River in Guilin? If the Yangtze River is an epic, powerful man, then the Li River is an exquisite, graceful lady. Both of them are worth your experience.

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