Getting Around Guiyang to See More

Guiyang, the capital of Guizhou Province, is located in the southwest of China. The Province of Guizhou is famous for its ethnic minority groups. Fairly undiscovered by visitors, Guizhou has kept much of its charm and its minority groups have maintained their ancient traditions fairly untouched. Guiyang is the transportation hub of Guizhou Province and is normally the first step of any visit to Guizhou.

Guiyang cityGuiyang has become a modern city nowadays

Getting Around Guiyang

By Taxi: 
The easiest means of getting around the city of Guiyang is by taking one of the many taxis. The drivers are always happy to give advice to visitors. Visitors do not need to worry about not being able to get back to their hotel, because every hotel will offer its guests a business card written in Chinese and English that will instruct taxi drivers how to take you back to your hotel. A taxi costs 10rmb for the first kilometer during the day and 12rmb at night.

By Public Bus, or Sightseeing Bus: 
There are public buses that travel throughout Guiyang City, and taking the bus is usually the best and the easiest means of getting around the city. The buses charge only 1 to 2 RMB.

Rent a Bicycle or Car: 
The primary mode of transportation for locals in Guiyang is still the bicycle. It is also a perfect way for visitors to explore this city. It offers visitors the chance to stop where they would like, for as long as they want. For visitors who are not using a tour company to visit Chengdu, a car rental would be a nice option.

GuiyangIt is easy to get a taxi in Guiyang

Getting around China

By Train or Bus: 
Getting around China by train, or bus is the most common way to get to most cities. It is recommended that visitors be cautious about their belongings and personal safety while using these two modes of transportation. Train tickets in Guiyang are fairly easy to acquire. Guiyang has two major long distance bus stations. One is located on Nanming Road and the other is near the train station. Long distance and sleeper buses are both available. There are also buses to Anshun and Zunyi.

By Air: 
It is fairly easy to get to China's major cities from Guiyang. There are multiple flights to Guangzhou, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Macao, and Beijing. Guiyang has an airport shuttle bus which has stops at a few different places around the city of Guiyang.

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