Guizhou Minority Festival Schedule

Guizhou has so many colorful minority festivals that you can not miss them. When you travel at the festival times, you will not only enjoy the minority culture but also enjoy the delicious food.  

The Local Festival in Guizhou

Festival NameEthnic MinorityLocationDateChinese CalendarActivities
Sister’s MealMiaoShidongMar.15th-16thDating, family gathering, lusheng music, dancing
SiyuebaMiaoHuangpingApr. 8thFamily gathering, singing
Dragon BoatMiaoShidongMay 5thDragon boat racing
ChabaBuyiXingyiJune 21stDating, singing, dancing
SanyuesanDongZhenyuanMar. 3rdDating, singing, lusheng dancing
LushengMiaoKailiJuly 21stLusheng music, singing, and dancing
LiuyueliuMiaoHuaxiJune 6thLocal singer gathering, singing

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