Guizhou Maotai Liquor

Maotai Liquor produced in China's Guizhou Province is unarguably the most famous alcohol to come out of China. Maotai is called the national drink of China and is drunk by businessmen and government leaders alike. Maotai is distilled from fermented sorghum. The liquor is named after the town where it originated and is produced by the Kweichoe Moutai Company. The company has attempted to start distilleries in other parts of China, but find that the resulting liquor is just not the same. It is believed that something in the Chishui River, where all of the water used in making Maotai comes from might be the secret to its delightful taste. Maotai liquor is aged for up to 80 years before being sold. The older vintages are quite costly. Maotai's taste is unique and loved by all who try it.

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