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China National Tea Museum

China National Tea Museum is the only national museum which regards tea and tea culture as a subject. It locates at the hometown of the Dragon Well Tea - Hangzhou. It is open to public in 1991. It covers an area of 4.7 hectares. It is a modern museum which includes a lot of parts, such as culture revelation, science publicity, science research, academic communication, tea tasting, leisure, etc. The National Tea Museum is the exhibition center of Chinese tea culture; it is the professional place to collect tea cultural relics and tea materials. It is an important base to go on with tea research and tea culture activities. The most important one is that China National Tea Museum is the cradle to spread the Chinese tea art and culture to the world.

There are many buildings in this museum. The No.1 building is the exhibition building, which includes five exhibition halls. In the tea history hall, it introduces the development history of tea production and tea culture. In the tea essence hall, it exhibits the samples of famous tea home and abroad. In the tea set hall, it introduces the change and development of the tea sets in different stages. In the tea affair hall, it introduces the scientific knowledge about how to plant, make, and taste tea. In the tea custom hall, it exhibits the ways to taste tea and etiquette in Yunnan, Sichuan, Tibet, Guangdong and in Ming and Qing period. All of the exhibitions halls show the colorful tea culture in China.

The No.2 building is used to welcome the foreign guests and go on with the academic communication. In the No.3 building, there are six tea houses of different styles. Visitors may taste all kinds of tea here. And in the No.4 building, visitors may enjoy the tea art performance at all times and in all over the world. All the architectures in the museum have features of Jiangnan landscape gardens. Mazes and rockeries set off the surrounded tea gardens. Visitors must be absorbed in the atmosphere of amazing tea culture.

Going into the tea museum, the first surprise it gives you is fencelessness. Only in the obstructed places, there are full of plants. It is an ecotype and fenceless museum - "tea is among the museum, and the museum is among the tea."

The double-fragrance path in the museum attracts everyone's attention. There are full of varieties of calligraphy about tea written by famous men in the history. The fragrance of Chinese ink and tea makes people inebriated. At the same time, the water system that traverses the museum is also grand. It hints that water is the mother of the tea.

The tea culture exhibition is the essence of the tea museum. And of the tea culture exhibition, the tea custom in different places is the most attracting. The vivid scenes describe the daily life about people of different nations love tea. Visitors may make tea by themselves. The Honored tea artist, Lu Yu's sculpture is made of bronze. It is 2.5 meters tall. With a tea bowl in his left hand and a tea book in his right hand, it shows the vivid expression.

The China National Tea Museum is the best place to understand the tea culture. The taste is just like the tea, dense and long. Do not miss the amazing museum! Contact us for a visit to it. 

Another museum in Hangzhou that worth a look is the Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the only national grade professional Chinese Medicines Museum.