Hangzhou Travel Guide

Hangzhou Travel Guide

Hangzhou travel guide & travel ideas


'Whatever her makeup, a beauty always radiates with beauty, so is the West Lake'-one of the numerous Chinese poems in praise of Hangzhou. This is also "the most beautiful and elegant city in the world" in Marco Polo's eyes.

 If Shanghai is in your plan, why not put a Hangzhou tour in? Only 1 hour on high-speed train and you get this dreamy city, a round trip in one day also comes quite easy. For those travel to Mt. Huangshan, a layover in Hangzhou is perfect.

Once you get Hangzhou, pick a misty drizzling or sunny day to boat around the West Lake, admire the 'heaven beauty' and touched by the love story of Madam White Snake and Xu Xian. Or wander around the Dragon Well Tea Plantation at Meijiawu Village where tea aroma floats in the air, take a homemade lunch and practice to pick tea leaf as a local. If you not come in a harvest season, nothing to regret about, let’s just sit down enjoying the tea and a precious quiet moment in lifetime.

Travel ideas about Hangzhou

Hangzhou's highlights for 1 or 2 days
Hangzhou's highlights for 1 or 2 days

It requires 1 day or 2 to cover Hangzhou's highlights, the precondition is if you don't count water town in. Paddle in the West Lake, Listen to the bell ringing and worship at the historical Lingyin Temple. Sip a cup of Dragon Well Tea, which is Hangzhou's specialty…These are some of the highlights that you’d like to include in your Hangzhou itinerary.

  • Cycling around Hangzhou
    Cycling around Hangzhou

    I haven’t seen more bicycles in any other cities than in Hangzhou. Every morning, hordes of cyclists wait for traffic light turning green, among them there are students, office staffs, old people, of course, bike trip enthusiasts like you and me. Cycling routes can be long or short, quite flexible.

  • Best time to Hangzhou
    Best time to Hangzhou?

    Scenery in Hangzhou varies in each season, but at its best in spring time with blooming flowers.

  • Side trip to water town near Hangzhou
    Side trip to water town near Hangzhou

    If your schedule allows, why not go to the water town of  Wuzhen or other Watertown? Here you can row the black wooden boat, watch a shadow play, or touch the blue print cloth in a dye house. Only found in China.

  • Interested in a Chinese garden
    Interested in a Chinese garden?

    Interested in Chinese garden but have no extra time for Suzhou? No big deal. The Guozhuang Garden along West Lake is no less beautiful than any of its kind in Suzhou.

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