Hangzhou Meals You May Like

As heaven on earth, Hangzhou has charming scenery with beautiful stories. Moreover, its local cuisine is unique to the area. The ingredients and cooking styles are simple and economical. There are also many snacks with funny stories to learn during your Hangzhou tours!

The Noodles with Fried Eel Silces& Shrimps

When cooking the dish, first, choose fresh and strong finless eel, remove the head, tail, and stones, cut the fish into pieces, and fry it till it becomes golden and crisp. Second, choose fresh shrimp plus egg white to fry. Third, put the noodles into the pan. In this way, noodles contain the flavor of eel and shrimp. It is very delicious!

The Noodles with Preserved Vegetable

This dish is famous in Hangzhou. When cooking it, choose the thin pork plus bamboo and pickled cabbage, and then cook them with noodles. Fresh pork and green vegetables must lure your appetite.

Wushan Hill Crisp Cake

It chooses essence flour as raw material, adding cooking oil to put it into the pat. And then eat it with sugar. The crisp cake is golden and crisp, oil but not greasy. This snack is very popular in Wushan. It is said that Emperor Qianlong tasted it when he visited Wushan. For this reason, the local people regard it as the best snack.

Dongpo Pork

It is very delicious. The soup is dense and the taste is poured. The pork is fat but not greasy. It must whet your appetite. It is said that Dongpo pork is made by a famous poet Su Dongpo in the northern dynasty. In 1089, he was in Hangzhou to control the West Lake with workers. When it was successful, he used pork and cooking wine to cook the braised pork. Later, people call the dish Dongpo Pork.

The West Lake Fish

This dish chooses Kun fish in the West Lake as the raw material. When cooking it, fire and time are very strict. Within 3 to 4 minutes, the fish should be cooked well, and then, water some sweet and sour on the fish. It tastes delicious.

Green Onion Wrap Fried Bread Stick (Cong Bao Hui in Chinese)

It is a famous snack in Hangzhou. A lot of vendors sell on streets and lanes. First, use the spring pancake to wrap a fried bread stick and several green onions, and then put it on a flat pan to bake. At last, eat it with chili sauce or sweet sauce. It is said in the Southern Song Dynasty, people hated the bad minister Qin Hui, who killed Yue Fei. Then, they made the paste shaped like Qin Hui and fried it in the pan. It is what the fried bread stick formed. And this stack is called Cong Bao Hui.

Cat Ear

First, cut the flour into pieces shaped like a cat, and then, put them into the hot water to boil. Next step, put the shrimp meat, scallop, chicken, ham, mushroom, bamboo, green onion, and ginger into the water to boil. The floating flour in the pot is like cat ears, so that is what the name comes from. This snack was the emperor's food in Qing Dynasty, later, people developed it more delicious.

Seeing the charming scenery on the West Lake and tasting the delicious dishes in Hangzhou, what a cozy experience!

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