Hangzhou Shopping Suggestion

Hangzhou, as the heaven on earth, has amazing scenery with beautiful legends. For shopping, there are also a lot of places to go on your Hangzhou tours. For different people, there are different shops to satisfy their demands. While enjoying the beautiful scenery of West Lake, shopping in the specialty shops along the bank is really a cozy experience!

Hubin Shopping District

Jiefang Road Shopping Mall is located at the crossing point of Jiefang Road and Yanan South Road. It is the biggest integrated shopping mall in this district. There are a lot of brand-franchised stores. Yuanhua Shopping Store is a good place for young people. The Lixing Shopping Store, which is located near the Kaiyue Hotel, there are full of top-grade products. And West Lake Times Square is the biggest department store with lots of famous brand products. And sometimes, there will be a high discount. At the same time, the Carrefour Supermarket is a chain of stores all around the world. These department stores are the perfect places to go shopping.

Wulin Shopping District

Yintai Shopping Mall is located in the northern part of Yanan Road. Due to its fashion, it is popular among young ladies. It is the most famous store in Hangzhou. If you are a young lady, this place must not be missed. Hangzhou Mansion is located near Qulin Square. It is really a white-collar shopping mall. They are full of famous brand products like LV. Hangzhou Department Store is the old store in Hangzhou. The products are comparably cheap and many people love going there to buy things.

Qing He Fang

Qing He Fang is located at the southern point of Yanan Road. As the only well-preserved old town in Hangzhou, it fully shows the local customs and culture of Hangzhou people. So if you want to feel the traditional and local taste of Hangzhou, Qing He Fang is a must for you. And here, visitors can buy some Hangzhou specialties to give to friends as a present. When evening falls, on the ancient street, there are a lot of lanterns that give you a mysterious atmosphere.

Also on this street, there are a lot of famous ancient shops, such as the Bao Hetang Drugstore, the Zhang Xiaoquan Scissors Store, and the Wanlong Ham Store. Near this place, the Hu Xueyan ancient house is a famous historical site. And near He Fang Street, there is a famous snack street called Gaoyin Lane. All kinds of delicious dishes and snacks must whet your appetite.

Wulin Road

It is a famous suit-dress street. It is several kilometers long with hundreds of suit stores along it. Fashionable boys and girls love going shopping here. The clothes here are not only inexpensive but also have an exquisite design. Every night, the colorful lights twinkle here and there. It is really a fantastic place to go shopping.

After taking a walk along the West Lake, shopping in these places leisurely must be an unforgettable experience!

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