Xixi Wetland

Xixi Wetland National Park is located in the west part of Hangzhou City. It is 5 kilometers away from the beautiful West Lake. Xixi Wetland is a rare wetland in the city. It is also the first wetland including urban wetland, rice paddy wetland, and cultural wetland in China.

Xixi National Wetland ParkXixi National Wetland Park

The Xixi wetland is superb because of the water. There is a water area of more than 70 percent out of the whole area of the parking area. There are 6 rivers crisscrossing the wetland area, and ponds are special wetland scenery.

The most attractive thing in Xixi wetland is its nice ecology. There are three big ecological protection regions in the Xixi Wetland Park area. There are three ponds to restore the ecology and one particular region for visitors to enjoy the nice ecology in the Xixi Wetland Park.

The splendid culture of the Xixi wetland has a long history. Autumn Snow Temple, Plum and Bamboo Villa, and Deep Pool Mouth were all built by famous writers and poets in ancient times. Today, the peculiar buildings are still there for visitors to visit and study.

Wetland Scenery in XixiWetland Scenery in Xixi

Xixi Wetland is a paradise of all kinds of birds. There are more than 80 kinds of birds, such as aigrettes, cuckoos, warblers, magpies, etc. Visitors may watch birds on a high stage or just close to them. The Xixi wetland is one location of the movie "If You Are The One" shot by famous director Feng Xiaogang. Looking at the footprint of the movie, you may feel an artistic conception of pure nature. Visitors may take the Tourist Coach Line 5 to arrive directly at the Xixi Wetland Park. You may also take Bus 13 to get there. It is very convenient. Away from the tumultuous city, Xixi Wetland may bring you into a pure land.

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