Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland opened its doors on September 12, 2005, and is most favored by visitors with families on their Hong Kong tours. It is the second Disneyland built in Asia. Located at Penny's Bay of Lantau Island, Hong Kong Disneyland occupies an area of 126 hectares.

The various beautiful flowers and trees are chosen carefully from all over the world and the designers designed the park by using the ancient Chinese philosophy of Fengshui. Even the smallest pavilion was carefully placed and designed. During Chinese festivals, a huge variety of special activities are held. Every visitor upon entering Hong Kong Disneyland leaves the real world behind and enters into a fairy tale kingdom of magic and wonder.

Main Street USA

Every visitor will begin their Disneyland adventure from Main Street USA. Main Street USA was designed to imitate a typical old-fashioned American town. It has a nostalgic feel and is the perfect portal for visitors to go from the real world to the world of enchantment and fantasy.


Visitors entering Fantasyland will begin their journey from Sleeping Beauty's Castle. It is the centerpiece of the park and visitors will feel as though they have stepped into their favorite Disney movie and can meet their favorite Disney characters. Visitors can spin in the Mad Hatter's Tea Cups, soar through the air with Dumbo, take a leisurely tour on the Disneyland Railroad, or visit Snow White's grotto and see where the 7 Dwarfs mine their jewels.



In Adventureland, visitors can feel as though they have stepped into the virgin rainforest. The winding jungle paths hold surprises for those daring to wander down them. This part of the park was designed with adventure in mind. Visitors can take the Jungle River Cruise and come face to face with the inhabitants of the jungle. Tarzan Island is where Tarzan has built his home in a giant tree. Visitors can climb and explore this ingenious home in the sky. For a bit of a rest, visitors can sit and watch the exciting Festival of the Lion King Show.



Entering Tomorrowland is like stepping into the future as only Disney could bring it to you. Tomorrowland was designed to appear like a futuristic spaceport. Every part of the area of this part of the park is designed with robots, spaceships, and floating planets. The centerpiece of Hong Kong Disneyland's Tomorrowland is Space Mountain. It is an exciting roller coaster trip through space. Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters allow visitors to help our cartoon hero defeat the evil Zurg by piloting their own Star Cruisers and blasting the evil robots. Autopia gives children of all ages the chance to get behind the wheel and drive through futuristic streets.

The Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel

Located on the shores of the South China Sea, the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel was built in the style of a Victorian palace. Located only a few minutes' walk from the park this elegant hotel takes people back to the 1890s. Upon entering the hotel, guests are greeted with a huge elegant atrium. The hotel has 6 stories and more than 400 guest rooms. The Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel features two restaurants, shops, a spa, a convention space, and meticulously landscaped grounds that feature a wedding gazebo and formal gardens, one of which has a hedge maze. This classically designed hotel will add a whole new dimension to visiting Hong Kong Disneyland.

The Hong Kong Disneyland Hollywood Hotel

The brand new Disneyland Hollywood hotel was built in an Art Deco style reminiscent of the golden age of movie-making but with that special Disney twist. The 600-room hotel is a testament to the luxury and fun that visitors have come to expect from Disney. The hotel has a 21-acre manicured lawn and a garden that was designed to resemble a map of Los Angeles. Visitors strolling along the hotel's paths will pass famous Hollywood landmarks such as the Hollywood Freeway, or Sunset Boulevard. The music-themed outdoor pool is shaped like a grand piano allowing guests to take a cool dip. This hotel will create unforgettable family vacations.

Hong Kong Disneyland is an unforgettable stop on any visit to Hong Kong. It is guaranteed to bring out the child in everyone. It is a wonderful blend of fantasy, childlike innocence, and fun. Since it is different from other Disneyland parks, the Hong Kong park offers experiences that visitors who have visited other Disney theme parks have not experienced.

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