Hong Kong Travel Guide

Hong Kong Travel Guide

Hong Kong travel guide & travel ideas
Shopping spree, tons of delicious food, theme parks, cutting edge product, fashion trend…all these jump into my mind when it comes to a Hong Kong tour - where modernity meets tradition. I see its western face while walking around the bustling commercial area and trace its eastern origin among the traditional junks at Aberdeen Harbor. Every time I gaze at the city’s neon nightscape from Victoria Peak, just couldn't help wondering: how much historical and cultural change on each can bring so big a charm to this small land!


1. If you eat around Hong Kong, it's very likely you end up with a stomach, full of foods from all over the world; this is exactly why Hong Kong is always my big love. Try this, do a little research and make your own food list beforehand and eat one by one, a Hong Kong trip turns perfect when all the delicacy on the list are crossed out.

2. Hong Kong is so easy to access, no matter from which corner of the world. Passport-holders from many countries can enter Hong Kong without a visa. However, if you plan to come to mainland China via Hong Kong, make sure to obtain a Chinese visa in your country.

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