Hong Kong Local Cuisine

Hong Kong is a gastronomical paradise. Due to the blending of cultures from around the world, the variety of foods available is almost endless. Western and Chinese cuisine are all very authentic. French cuisine has become the most popular style of Western cuisine in Hong Kong and a large number of French cafes have sprouted up. Japanese, Korean, Thai, and Italian cuisine are also commonplace in Hong Kong.

It might take some searching, but there is also Vietnamese, Spanish, Russian, Indian, Cuban, and American cuisine available. Being located on the sea means you'll have a wide range of choices for the freshest seafood available during your Hong Kong tours and it is incorporated into many dishes.

Hong Kong residents love soup and have brought soup to a whole new epicurean level. Every night, local people can be seen cooking soup throughout the city. Another favorite of locals is rice congee. It is porridge with the main ingredient consisting of rice. Many other ingredients are added to it including meats, vegetables, and legumes according to the chef's taste. Every Hong Kong resident has his or her own "secret" recipe.

Tea is another favorite with locals and is a staple of every Hong Kong resident's diet. Chinese tea, as well as English tea, is very popular in Hong Kong. Because of the fast-paced life, local residents drink tea until late into the night. Many people enjoy going to tea houses and having their tea supplemented with a variety of snacks.

In the evening on some streets, small food vendors can be found lining the streets selling xiao chi which means small eats. They are dishes that are meant to be easily carried. The xiao chi is extremely delicious. Many families like to take a stroll in the evening and these snack streets are an important part of their life. They will stroll down the street purchasing the little eats as they go along. Some of the most famous xiao chi are the famous sweet and sour pork, and the spicy salty shrimp. Hong Kong also has many unique desserts that besides being sweet are also natural and usually healthy.

Local Cuisine in Hong KongLocal Cuisine in Hong Kong

Hong Kong's Kowloon area is one of the best places to eat in Hong Kong. The prices are reasonable and it is a favorite among locals. Around Causeway Bay, there are many restaurants that specialize in traditional Hong Kong cuisine. You can also find sushi shops and coffee houses. They are a great place to rest after shopping. In the Saigon area, there are a lot of seafood restaurants. Being located near the sea, seafood is always incredibly fresh. In Stanley, which faces the sea, there are many romantic restaurants. At Lan Kwai Fong, there are many first-class Western and Chinese restaurants.

Coastal RestaurantCoastal Restaurant

Hong Kong is a great place to eat. The best cuisine from around the world can be found in Hong Kong and it never fails to delight visitors. No matter what a visitor's taste or craving is, they can find it in Hong Kong.

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