Hong Kong Ocean Park

Hong Kong Ocean Park

The Hong Kong Ocean Park has the largest oceanarium and theme park in Southeast Asia. Ocean Park combines the excitement of a theme park, with the fun of a comprehensive oceanarium. Originally opening in 1977, Ocean Park quickly became one of the most popular sites in Hong Kong and because of excellent park management, it has remained so to the present.

Located at Nam Long Shang, between Deep Water Bay and Wong Chuk Hang, The Hong Kong Ocean Park is divided into two main parts, the lowland, and highland sections. The lowland section is the main entrance to the Hong Kong Ocean Park. The highland section includes three main venues, the Marine Animal Performance Venue, the Wave Venue, and the Oceans Pavilion. The Marine Animal Performance Venue has a very large pool for animal performances and the venue has seating for 3500 people. There are a number of marine animal performances including sea lions, dolphins, and killer whales. Their humorous performances always win rounds of applause. In the Wave Venue, there is a manmade rocky coast. The pool features a wave machine that creates waves up to one meter high. Visitors are able to go below and watch through large glass windows to see what goes on in an ocean coastline environment. In the Oceans Pavilion, there are more than 300 species of fish on display in the many aquariums. The sharks and sting rays in the Ocean Pavilion are favorites with visitors.

An important part of the Hong Kong Ocean Park is the cable cars. They take visitors across the park from the lowland to the highland section. The entire cable car run is 1.4 kilometers long. The cable cars run 200 meters above the ground giving visitors fantastic views of the park and nearby Repulse Bay. There are 250 cable cars in operation and each one has seating for six. It takes six minutes to travel the entire length.

The Ocean Venue, which consists of a manmade Indian Pacific coral reef, is a must for visitors. There are more than 200 species of tropical fish inside. Ocean Park also has many other places that are extremely popular with visitors. The Shark Aquarium is very popular with youngsters. The rollercoaster Rush, Ocean Park Tower, and the Peak Explorer Motion Simulator are fantastic rides. The park also has a Butterfly Room, a Dinosaur Path, the Kid Nation kid's section, and the Giant Panda Garden.

Ocean Park seamlessly blends a theme park, an oceanarium, and a nature preserve, which are all the funny parts of your Hong Kong tours. There is truly something for everybody there. It is one of Hong Kong's hottest venues with visitors and locals alike. It is a great way to spend a day in Hong Kong.

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