Hong Kong Repulse Bay

Located on the south of Hong Kong Island, Repulse Bay is one of the most magnificent residential areas in Hong Kong. This beautiful bay was turned into a beach resort at the beginning of the last century. The area was once home base to large numbers of Chinese pirates and the British Navy was called in to deal with the situation. They were successfully repulsed and that is how the bay got its name. For those doing Hong Kong tours, the area has been a favorite spot for shoppers and sun worshippers for over a century.

It takes approximately 20 minutes to reach the Repulse Bay from Central by bus. One of the first things visitors see is the golden beaches and wide coastline of the area. The area is very busy in the summer when visitors come in droves to swim and soak up some rays. In Repulse Bay, there is no Chinese style architecture. Most of the buildings are built in the western style. This area has some of the most expensive property in Hong Kong.

On the east of Repulse Bay, there are a lot of barbecue pits. After swimming, visitors can enjoy stopping by to enjoy the local barbecue. Located next to the barbecue area is the Zhen Hailou Park. The park has a Buddhist Atmosphere. Facing the sea, there stand two huge statues of the Queen of Heaven and the Goddess of Mercy. Surrounding the beach is a lot of restaurants, snack bars, and supermarkets. The tea houses located by the sea are the best places to enjoy the sunset. Because of its beautiful scenery, Repulse Bay has become the place for Hong Kong's wealthy to see and be seen. The area is full of luxuriant mansions and townhomes. The beautiful scenery and wonderful atmosphere make this an area where visitors are reluctant to leave.

The famous Repulse Bay Hotel has become a commercial center. Inside the hotel, there are famous brand name boutiques and first-class restaurants. Located near to Repulse Bay, there are three other bays, the Deep Water Bay, the Middle Bay, and the South Bay, which are all swimming resorts.

Repulse Bay is similar to Australia's Gold Coast. It is surrounded by luxurious houses, romantic tea houses, first class restaurants, and beautiful people. Along the coast, there is a quiet path, which on the weekends is home to the local Flea Market. Repulse Bay is a wonderful way to take a vacation within a vacation. It is easy to get to and hard to leave. In the day visitors can enjoy the beach and sea and in the evening they can watch the magnificent sunset before going shopping at name brand boutiques and eating at first-class restaurants.

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