Famed as a shopping paradise, Hong Kong is famous for its great variety of fashion accessories, local arts and crafts, tea, jade, and jewelry. Shopping in Hong Kong has many advantages such as low prices, a seemingly endless variety, and high quality. Because most products in Hong Kong don't have a tariff, the prices are usually lower than products in other places. There are also fantastic seasonal promotions when the seasons change. Hong Kong has famous name-brand boutiques, as well as wonderful things that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. For those on a more limited budget, there are plenty of wonderful shopping areas that are fun to wander around and pick up less expensive, but equally fabulous items. Hong Kong has many wonderful shopping districts that offer something for everyone. Shop till you drop in your Hong Kong tours!

Tsim Sha Tsui: 
One of the most famous shopping areas in Hong Kong, Tsim Sha Tsui is often known as Ladies'Street. Originally selling items strictly for women, the street has evolved and now has something for everybody. It is a great place to get souvenirs. The street sells clothing and accessories, toys, paper cuts, and artwork. At the end of the street is the Harbor Mall which deals in high-end name-brand items. The mall contains the shopping areas of three different hotels.

The Causeway Bay: 
A typical shopping mall, the Causeway Bay in Hong Kong is filled with all kinds of luxurious shopping malls, such as SOGO, Seibu, Mitsukoshi, Sincere, and so on. Times Square is another shopping highlight. It is also full of famous name-brand products.

Stanley Market near the Sea:
During the Qing Dynasty, Stanley was only a small fishing harbor, but now it is filled with a European flavor. It is an outdoor market that feels like an American or European flea market. Compared with the large-scale shopping mall, shopping in Stanley Market is much cozier. When the sun sets this area really shows off its uniqueness. Visitors sitting in the restaurants and bars that face the sea can enjoy the beautiful sunsets over a glass of wine.

Hong Kong is filled with smaller specialized shopping streets. Wanchai Taiyuan Street is a street that sells toys. Antique toys, toy collections, and the newest toys can all be found here. Sai Yeung Choi Street sells cameras and other electrical appliances. Fa Yuen Street is a street that sells only sporting goods. Seafood Street is where the freshest seafood can be found. Lascar Row is where antiques, both new and old can be purchased.

Hong Kong is truly a shopper's heaven. Very few visitors can make it out of the exciting city without picking up something to take home. Since Eastern and Western cultures are both an important part of Hong Kong, its shopping areas offer a mix of unique items. There literally is something for everyone in Hong Kong.

If you travel independently to Hong Kong, here are some useful travel tips for you.

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