Hong Kong Things to Do

Hong Kong is a modern cosmopolitan metropolis that seamlessly blends Western and Eastern cultures. It is an ancient city with all of the modern amenities a visitor could want. As the Oriental Pearl, Hong Kong has some unique cultural aspects that cannot be found in other parts of China and visitors to Hong Kong should not leave without experiencing at least a few of them.

Local residents live a fast-paced life. They work hard during the day and play hard at night. Under the curtain of night, Hong Kong awakens to some of the most hopping nightlife in the world. There are also many less energetic forms of entertainment to be found. Hong Kong is filled with fantastic gourmet restaurants, jazz clubs, and wonderful places to sit by the water and enjoy the skyline of the city while sipping a glass of wine.


Tsim Sha Tsui is known as the heart and soul of Hong Kong. Located on the southern end of the Kowloon Peninsula, the area is famous for its shopping, dining, and restaurants. Over half of Hong Kong's museums are located in this area. The Hong Kong Space Museum, Hong Kong Museum of Art, the Hong Kong Science Museum, and the Hong Kong Museum of History are all located in this area. These museums are on par with any museum found anywhere else in the world for their layout, high-tech displays, and design.

Theme Parks


Famous throughout the world, the Disney Company's theme parks bring to life the child in everyone, and Hong Kong Disneyland is no exception. The newest of Disney's theme parks, Hong Kong Disneyland has been delighting visitors since its grand opening in 2005.

Hong Kong DisneylandHong Kong Disneyland

Ocean Park

Located on the south end of Hong Kong Island, Ocean Park is one of the premier theme parks in Southeast Asia. It is an ocean theme park that offers more than just aquariums. The park is filled with many different areas and has something for everyone. There is a zoo area that is home to many mammal species including China's beloved giant pandas. There is an area designed specifically for children and another filled with screaming roller coasters and thrill rides. An aquatic animal section featuring dolphin and sea lion shows, and an area filled with tropical birds.

Repulse Bay

Originally a base of operations for pirates, Repulse Bay was turned into a beach resort area in the early part of the last century. This area's beaches are a popular destination for visitors and locals alike to relax, swim, or just soak up some rays. The area is filled with small boutiques and wonderful little shops. Repulse Bay is a great place to relax. Many couples like to sit on the beach and watch the spectacular sunsets.

Repulse BayRepulse Bay

Victoria Harbor

Banked by the Kowloon Peninsula and Central, Victoria harbor has been an important international shipping port since the Qing Dynasty. The harbor is very popular for the promenades located on either bank which allow visitors to stroll and admire the amazing skyline of Hong Kong and also the ships plying Victoria Harbor. The Star Ferry which has been taking passengers across the harbor for over a century is still a popular way to slow down a bit and gets another view of this amazing city.

Victoria Peak

The highest point in Hong Kong, Victoria Peak is the perfect place to get a bird's eye view of this magnificent city. At night Hong Kong really shines and visitors wanting to see it at its most splendid are encouraged to take the Peak Tram up to the peak. The peak offers many fine dining and shopping venues as well as entertainment areas.

Repulse BayRepulse Bay

Night Life

Lan Kwai Fong

Almost synonymous with Hong Kong nightlife, Lan Kwai Fong is one of the hippest places in the city. Although it is a narrow street, it is full of various restaurants and bars. When night comes, this place emits a romantic atmosphere. It deserves its reputation for extravagant feasting and revelry. Western people love this place best especially when the Western festivals come, such as Christmas Day, Hallowe'en, and New Year's.

Tsim Sha Tsui

It is a nighttime paradise for tourists. It is located in the southern part of Kowloon and is located in Victoria Harbor. The area is filled with the finest restaurants, shopping, and cultural venues in the city. Hong Kong's major museums and theatres are located in this area.

Night Clubs

Hong Kong is filled with nightclubs. The younger generation of Hong Kong residents prefers to hang out in these establishments. Every night, they feature a floor show which attracts large numbers of customers. Most nightclubs feature Karaoke which is extremely popular with Hong Kong residents.


Hong Kong is the third-largest film base in the world. Hong Kong's movies have been enjoyed around the globe for decades. Hong Kong has more than one hundred theatres that show the newest films from both China and around the world. After a day of shopping and touring, relaxing in a movie theatre is a good way to end the day.

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