Hong Kong has long been hailed as the Pearl of the Orient. It is an incredibly beautiful harbor city that draws visitors from around the world. Hong Kong consists of a series of mountainous islands which makes its skyline extremely unique. The Kowloon Peninsula and Central are separated by an area of water known as Victoria Harbor that you should not miss in your Hong Kong tours.

The most important harbor in Hong Kong, Victoria Harbor's seafloor is rocky with very little silt making it possible for very low-riding ships to pass through. The average water depth is 12.2 meters, which allows for 10,000-ton ships to be able to move through the harbor at any time of the day. Victoria Harbor has 3 bays and 2 typhoon shelters which naturally protect ships during stormy seas.

Besides being an important harbor, Victoria Harbor offers some of the most spectacular views of the city. Visitors standing on either bank are greeted with Hong Kong's skyline. Visitors wanting to cross the harbor can take one of the hundred-year-old Star Ferry ships. Slowly crossing Victoria Harbor in one of the beautiful old ships gives visitors a taste of old Shanghai. At night visitors can take a one or two-hour cruise around the city. At 8:00 pm Hong Kong hosts the Symphony of Lights which is the largest permanent light show in the world. The best way to see it is from the two-hour harbor cruise.

Another great way to enjoy Victoria Harbor is by walking along the Avenue of Stars. The Avenue of Stars is an imitation of America's Walk of Fame in Hollywood. Hong Kong is China's main filmmaking base and has been for over a century. Many Chinese actors started here. People like Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, and Zhang Ziyi also got their start here. The 440 meters long Avenue of Stars opened in 2004. It features over 30 different film actors' handprints. The area also has a lot of Chinese movies themed shops and restaurants.

Victoria Harbor is just one of the amazing places that are waiting for visitors to Hong Kong. This exciting city has something for everyone and visitors rarely fail to feel regret when leaving and often come back.

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