Huangshan Best Travel Time

Huangshan Best Travel Time

There is no bad time to visit Huangshan Mountain. Different seasons offer distinctly different views. Winter is a particularly beautiful time to visit when the mountains and trees are covered with snow and ice making the entire area appear like a crystal wonderland. The sunrises and sunsets on Huangshan Mountain are magical and visitors should try to get up early so as not to miss the sunrise.

Fairyland in silver dreams

Huangshan in winter has been called a "World of Silver Dreams". The ravines and peaks covered with snow and ice look spectacular and give the area a silvery shine. Since Huangshan is often enveloped in mist, the ancient pines and rocks become covered with a thick coating of clear ice making the entire area look like a world of crystal.

A timetable of Huangshan Mountain's Sunrise, Sunset, Daylight, and Nightfall:

January 21st6:377:0317:3518:01
February 21st6:176:4218:0018:25
March 21st5:466:1018:1918:43
April 21st5:105:3518:3819:03
May 21st4:455:1118:5719:23
June 21st4:385:0619:1119:39
July 21st4:525:1919:0719:34
August 21st5:135:3818:4019:07
September 21st5:305:4518:4518:29
October 21st5:486:1217:3017:54
November 21st6:126:3717:0917:34
December 21st6:336:5917:1217:38

Memo: The schedule of sunrise and sunset was observed at Huangshan's Lion Peak's observation area. The time is Beijing Central Time.


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