Huangshan travel guide & travel ideas Mt. Huangshan(Yellow Mountain), a World Heritage Site of UNESCO, a frequent subject of traditional Chinese paintings and literature, and to travelers like you and me, it is where we see picture-like scenery and stay away from hustle-bustle of city. The mountain is famous for beautifully-shaped pine trees, fantastic sea of clouds, jagged peaks and stunning sunrise, but what make it so stand out is that its beauty is dynamic and always changing. Different season, different weather, different visibility, different angle, the mountain show you a different face, each of your step will open up a new view-well, perhaps this is why many travelers leave it with regret more or less, just impossible to admire all of them once in a Huangshan tour, bitter sweet!

 I have to admit, the romantic charm of Mt. Huanghsan is far beyond my words, so bring your best camera and get ready to have your eyes cheered! Lastly, don't forget the comely ancient villages of Hongcun and Xidi Ancient Village nearby.


1. Transportations to Huangshan might be limited, but not that difficult as you imagine. There are flights from ShanghaiBeijing, Guangzhou, Xi'an, etc. From Shanghai it is only 1 hour flight. Also Hangzhou is only about 2.5 hours away from Huangshan by bus. So take this scenery city as a transfer point is a good idea.

2. If you are traveling to Mt. Huangshan with your lover, buy a lover lock and lock it on the the handrail or iron chains on the mountain then throw the key into the cliff. By doing this your love is believed to be able to last forever. Countless locks on the mountains show that the lock works very well, try it!

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Travel ideas about Huangshan

Classic Huangshan

The mountain's uniqueness lies in the perfect combination of nature and culture. The scenic spot of Mt. Huangshan and ancient villages of Hongchun and Xidi are the very must. A classic Huangshan itinerary is for 3 days.

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Ancient village tour

After your time in the mountain, stay 1 more night at guesthouse in one of those ancient villages, HongcunXidi or Nanping Village. You may cycle around the countryside at the daytime; night is left to review your Mt.Huangshan gallery or just stay in a daze underneath the stars. Be warned, the accommodation is quite poor and forget about the 'western breakfast !

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Sunrise watching

Whether you are a shutterbug or not, it’s a pity to return from Mt. Huangshan without experiencing its sunrise. Go to either Qingliang Platform or Lion Peak, you get the best view. I would get up earlier to secure the best angle if I were you.

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Hiking is very much doable in Mt. Huangshan. Whether to walk up or down the mountain or traverse the West Sea Canyon, breathtaking view is out there all the way, 2-3 days is needed to hike around, demanding? Yes, get a walking stick, it helps. If you come in spring or autumn, you can also trek along the Xin'an River-2 to 6 hrs, depending on individual physics-go deep into nature, experience the rural custom and local culture, one more thing, the rape flowers on the bank get in full bloom in late March and early April.

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Hot spring

There is quality hot spring at the mountain foot, soothing! Give it a try when you come down the mountain, especially when on foot.

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