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Huangshan, which is a relatively new tourist city, has been attracting more and more tourists each year from around China and around the globe. One of the biggest concerns of visitors to Huangshan is their accommodations. Because of the influx of tourists, Huangshan has witnessed a recent growth in new hotels. Visitors can not only stay in Huangshan city, but on the top, or at the foot of the magnificent Huangshan Mountain.

The tourists who come to Huangshan for a brief tour, have no chance to stay on the top of Huangshan Mountain, but visitors who take a longer trip to Huangshan can stay at one of the five hotels located on the top of the mountain. Although there are no five-star hotels on Huangshan Mountain, there are several three and four-star hotels designed to make guests feel relaxed and refreshed after a day of climbing on the mountain.

The facilities in hotels are well-designed and managed. These hotels feature standard rooms, suites, and deluxe suites, as well as dorm-style rooms that can house 8 or more people. Although the mountain does not have five-star hotels, the views from the hotel's windows are unbelievable. The cost of hotels on the top of Huangshan Mountain is higher than in other places because of the difficulty of constructing them.

Hotel in HuangshanHotel in Huangshan

For visitors who do not wish to spend the night on Huangshan Mountain, a number of hotels can be found on the foot of Huangshan Mountain as well as the many hotels in Huangshan City, which is an hour away by car. There are one five-star, two four-star, and three three-star hotels located at the foot of Huangshan Mountain.

The hotels located on Huangshan Mountain are not grouped together but placed on different parts of the mountain to allow each hotel to have unspoiled views of the surrounding landscape. At the foot of Huangshan Mountain, there are a number of hotels with a rating of three to five stars. Visitors staying at these hotels will have easy access to some of the most famous sites in the areas around Huangshan City.

Many of the desk workers and concierges of Huangshan's hotels can speak English, so the language barrier is not a problem. They will serve each guest with great hospitality and do everything in their power to make visitors feel at home.

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