Huangshan Mountain - Awesome Cloud Sea

Huangshan Mountain located in the south of Anhui Province is one of China's five famous mountains. Listed on UNESCO's World Natural and Cultural Heritage List, Huangshan Mountain is famous for its beauty, bizarre rock formations, and ancient pines. There is an ancient saying in China that says: "you won't want to visit any other mountains after seeing the five famous mountains, and after seeing Huangshan Mountain, you won't want to see the five famous mountains."

Huangshan is famous for what is called, "The Four Wonders of Huangshan Mountain." The four wonders are the ancient pines, bizarre rock formations, the sea of clouds and the hot springs. Huangshan Mountain is covered in pine trees that grow in crevices in the mountain. Because of the mountain's terrain, the trees are unable to grow straight and upright. The pines are crooked, and twisted and are beautiful to behold.

The Pine Greeting Guest in HuangshanThe Pine Greeting Guest in Huangshan

Many of the trees on Huangshan Mountain are over 1,000 years old. The bizarre rock formations on Huangshan Mountain inspire the imaginations of all who visit it. The rocks carved by millennia of wind and rain have taken on many bizarre shapes that resemble many realistic and fanciful creatures.

The sea of clouds is best seen in the winter on Huangshan Mountain. Because of the height of the mountain, the clouds are often lower than the mountain's peaks, so visitors to Huangshan can see mountains and peaks in the distance peeking up through the clouds, which look like islands floating in an ocean of mist.

Huangshan Cloud SeaHuangshan Cloud Sea

The natural hot springs on Huangshan Mountain are an amazing way to relax after the workout visitors get from climbing around the mountain. The springs which originate at the Purple Peak are said to have been used by Huang Di, the ancestor of all Chinese people to bathe 49 days before he became immortal and ascended to heaven.

Although every part of Huangshan Mountain is stunning, there are several scenic areas that most visitors are attracted to. The Cloud Valley Scenic Area is well known for its ancient rock inscriptions and ancient twisted pines formed by centuries of wind and rain. This area boasts many ancient trees including a ginkgo tree that is believed to be over 1,000 years old.

The Heavenly Sea Scenic Area is located on the Huangshan Mountains Northern slope. This area is known for its rare plant species and has high oxygen content. The many different species of flowers in this area bloom at different times, so visitors to this area are almost always greeted with an explosion of color.

The Jade Screen Scenic Area is known as an "imperial palace in Heaven". Huangshan Mountain's three main peaks are all located near this area. Mounting its summit, visitors can view the boundless beauty and feel that they are sitting in a heavenly palace. Lotus Peak, which is one of Huangshan's most famous peaks, gets its name from the shape of the peak, which resembles a lotus blossom.

Many ancient pine trees live around this peak. Of interest to visitors are the thousands of padlocks that can be found on the peak's chain railings. The locks were placed there by young lovers, couples, or families from both home and abroad. When visitors come here, they have their names or some words engraved on the locks. They then lock the locks onto the chains and throw the keys down the mountain. This symbolizes that their love or luck will be forever locked to Huangshan Mountain.

The North Sea Scenic Area is the hub of Mt. Huangshan, where most of the most famous scenery and scenic spots meet. Numerous ancient pines and wonderful stone formations can be seen in the North Sea Scenic Area. The North Sea Scenic Zone is the most important and famous among the scenic zones of Mt. Huangshan. It is a sight not to be missed. There are a number of hotels located here, so visitors can spend the night seeing the spectacular sunrises.

Huangshan SunshineHuangshan Sunshine

The Pine Valley Scenic Area situated on Huangshan Mountain's northern face is famous for its bizarre rock formations and natural pools. Located in this area are the Pine Valley Temple and the Pine Valley Nunnery, which is nestled at the foot of Diezhang Peak. Originally built in 1253 A.D, the nunnery was rebuilt in 1426 A.D. The surroundings here are quiet and pleasant. It is a good place to enjoy the ancient stone inscription and other beautiful scenery.

The West Sea Scenic Area is the best place for viewing the sea of clouds and the sunset on Huangshan Mountain. Here, the beautiful peaks and ancient pines leave visitors awe-struck. The clouds and mist clinging to the peaks are ever-changing making the many peaks appear like small islands in a sea of clouds. The pines, rocks, ridges, and peaks in the newly-opened White Cloud Scenic Area are more colorful and wonderful than those of the other areas. The gullies and valleys are deep and tranquil and the glow of sunset upon this area is beyond description. In this area, there are 16 viewing terraces, 10 bridges, and 6 different waterfalls and natural springs.

Snow on HuangshanSnow on Huangshan

Visitors to Huangshan Mountain in the fall and winter should make sure to watch the clouds and glow of sunset in this area. Snow falls on many parts of the world and makes the world bright, crisp and clean. But the snow on Huangshan Mountain is special to most places in the world. What makes Huangshan Mountain's snow different is the magic that occurs when the snow settles on the ancient pines, rocks, and pools of Huangshan Mountain. It forms a perfect union that makes this already amazing area even more beautiful. For further information, some Huangshan notes might help.

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