Huangshan Notes on Travel Tips

Explore these handy Huangshan travel tips to ensure a seamless and fulfilling experience on your upcoming journey to this magnificent mountain!

How Early Should I Start Hiking Huangshan Mountain?

Begin your hike up Huangshan Mountain early, as it takes approximately 6 hours to reach the summit.

What Should I Bring with Me?

Comfortable Shoes

It is very important that you bring comfortable shoes. Be prepared to climb hundreds of steps to the various peaks. As stairs are narrow and the ground is sometimes slippery, be careful when you walk along the edge of cliffs. Sneakers are good enough while sturdy, comfortable hiking shoes are a better choice.


Bring a jacket with you on your hike. Temperatures drop as the altitude increases, and the weather is a little chilly in the late evening through the early morning.

Snacks & Bottled Water

Purchase bottled water and some light snacks before arriving at the foot of Huangshan Mountain. Once you arrive at Huangshan, the higher you climb, the higher the prices climb with you.

What Should I Pack?What Should I Pack?


In case of rain, it is recommended that you bring a raincoat instead of an umbrella because the winds on the mountain can be extremely strong. It is a safety hazard to use an umbrella. A rain jacket will protect you from both rain and wind.

Walking Stick

It is also recommended you bring a walking stick with you. Walking sticks are very useful even if you are just going up and down by cable car and walking the steps on the top of Huangshan Mountain. A walking stick can help you balance and reduce the weight on your knees. A walking stick that you used to tackle China's Huangshan Mountain might just be the perfect souvenir to remember the wonderful and tiring moments on Mt. Huangshan.

Should I Hire A Porter?

It is recommended that you leave all unnecessary items behind, as there are many steps. If you have no choice but to travel with your luggage and your hotel is at the summit, it is recommended that you hire a porter to carry your bags. The porter will walk along with you explaining major sites along the way (only in Chinese though), and look after you! The first price given is always too high, so it is necessary to negotiate the price first with the porter before you begin.

Does Huangshan Mountain Have A Smoking Policy?

Smoking is not permitted on all parts of the mountain. There are designated smoking areas. Visitors are asked to do their part in preventing fire caused by cigarettes.

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