Huangshan Shopping Tips

Huangshan is a tourist city that is not only famous for its wonderful scenery but also for its abundant resources. Huangshan is often regarded as the perfect place for purchasing the most distinguished tourist products in China.

Products such as the Four-Treasure of the Study: the Hui Inksticks and She Inkstones, Maofeng Tea, Chrysanthemums, Chinese gooseberries, dried bamboo shoots, as well as bamboo carvings and potted landscapes. For visitors, the best places to purchase this kind of product would be Tunxi Ancient Street and the Jiadeli Supermarket. People, who are passionate about Chinese tea, can visit one of the city's thousands of tea shops Huangshan Mao Feng Tea, but also learn about China's tea culture, and learn to perform China's tea ceremony.

Tunxi Ancient Street

Located about an hour away from Huangshan Mountain, Tunxi Ancient Street is lined with shops that were built during the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) Dynasties. A number of shops have been open for hundreds of years. Tunxi Ancient Street has one of China's best antique markets, where antiques and not ancient items can be found.

Tunxi Ancient StreetTunxi Ancient Street

The street is lined with antique shops, medicine shops, teahouses, restaurants and galleries, and most of the shops carry the "Four Treasures of the Study", which are the Paintbrush, Inkstick, Inkstone, and Paper used by artists to create traditional Chinese paintings. There are also lots of other traditional Chinese curios and handicrafts available on Tunxi Ancient Street, such as brush calligraphy, ink painting, and woodcarvings.

Tunxi Ancient Street is also famous for its night market. It is a popular destination for locals and visitors to people-watch, walk around, and try local snacks. Most of Huangshan's local specialties can be found in Tunxi Ancient Street making it a favorite place for visitors to do their shopping.

Huangshan Jiadeli Supermarket

Jiadeli Supermarket, which has just recently opened, is the largest supermarket in Huangshan City. The supermarket is very large and has something for everybody. The supermarket has a huge selection of local snacks that are packaged for visitors to take home with them. Located near Tunxi Ancient Street, the Jiadeli Supermarket is normally included with any visit to the ancient street.

Huangshan Tea City

For the people who are passionate about tea, the many tea shops lining the streets of Huangshan are a paradise. Though there are teas available in Tunxi Ancient Street or supermarkets in Huangshan, the best place to buy Huangshan local tea would be in a Huangshan Tea Shop.

Huangshan is famous for its tea planting and production. Huangshan Maofeng Tea grown in Huangshan is regarded as one of the top ten green tea in China. Huangshan City is the largest center for tea trading in south Anhui Province. In Huangshan, there is Tea Street for visitors to purchase the choicest Huangshan teas, as well as learn more about China's tea ceremony and tea culture in the Tea Exhibition Hall.

How to Buy the Four Treasures of the Study and Maofeng Tea?

The Four Treasures of the Study

In particular, the way to identify the good Hui inkstick is much more complicated than the other treasures of the study but extremely easy to identify when you know what to look for. A good Hui Inkstick is very finely grained with a smooth texture and has a pleasant aroma due to the musk used in its production. The colors painted onto the ink stick should not have run or sloppily applied.

Ink StoneInk Stone

But for all these four treasures, it is very important to bargain when interested in purchasing something. The prices should be relatively low. If the opportunity presents itself, visitors should go to the local factories to see how these items are made and get a better price. Factories such as the Tunxi Hukaiwen Ink Factory or the Sanbai Ink Slab Studio are wonderful places to see how these traditional art products are produced as they have been for centuries.

Maofeng Tea

Huangshan City is the best place for purchasing Huangshan Maofeng Tea. For this kind of tea, it is essential to taste its flavor before buying it. Its liquor should taste fresh and have an apricot flavor, with a fragrance like magnolias. Most importantly, the tea should appeal to you. If you like it, it is worth buying. The prices for Huangshan Mao Feng Teas in Huangshan are far cheaper than in other parts of China.

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