When the snow settles on the ancient pines, rocks, and pools, the real charm of Mt.Huangshan emerges. It is bitterly cold in Huangshan winter, and the temperature is ten centigrade degrees below zero. December and January are the best months to enjoy the charming Huangshan winter tour. Visitors who like hiking should not miss the unforgettable chance. Moreover, it is the most economical time to travel to Huangshan in winter. You may appreciate the charmed Huangshan winter landscape by using the least money. Walking along with your prince or princess in the world of snow, without hustle and bustle, is an extremely nice experience.
Four Safety Tips in Mt.Huangshan Winter

Every day, there are workers cleaning the paths of Huangshan Mountain. The paths are very clean. Even after the snowfall, the workers will clean up the snow in time. Visitors do not need to worry about being slippery.

After the snowfall, there will be full of snow on each step of Huangshan Mountain. Our tour guides will provide you with skidproof spiked shoes for free. The spiked shoes are worn outside your own shoes, so it is convenient and doesn't influence the effect to keep your feet warm.

As is known to all, the front Huangshan Mountain is dangerous, while the back Huangshan Mountain is elegant. Elderly people can climb Huangshan Mountain by cable car. For people who'd like hiking, they can climb Huangshan Mountain step by step, going across the Xihai Grand Canyon. In winter, in case of risk, visitors had better climb the mountain by cable car.

The beautiful sunrise/sunset is very famous in Huangshan winter. The best places to see sunrise are the Dawn Pavilion, the Refreshing Terrace, the Lion Peak, the Bright Summit, the Beginning-to-Believe-It Peak, the White Goose Ridge, the Jade Screen Peak, the Lotus Peak, and the Celestial Peak. Visitors may choose the best place according to the hotel they stay in. The staff in hotels update the sunrise time every day. It is convenient for visitors to adjust the time at any moment.

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