Jade Screen Scenic Area of Huangshan Mountain

There is a Jade Screen Pavilion perched high amongst the clouds, which is reputed as an "imperial palace in heaven" in the Jade Screen Scenic Area. Huangshan Mountain's three famous main peaks: Guangming Peak (Sunshine Peak), Lian Hua Peak (Lotus Peak), and Tiandu Peak (Heaven Capital Peak) are all located near the Jade Screen Scenic Area. Among them, the Tiandu Peak is the most precipitous (with an elevation of over 6,000 feet). Mounting its summit, visitors can view the boundless beauty and feel that they are sitting in a heavenly palace.

It is true that a sea of clouds can be seen in many high mountains but that of Mt. Huangshan is unique with its oddly shaped rocks and ancient pines. Peaks, large and small, hide and reappear in the boundless waves of clouds.

If you climb up the Lotus Peak, the Heaven Capital Peak, and the Bright Peak, you will find yourself above the level of the clouds and they appear as a sea beneath you.

In front of the Jade Screen Pavilion, there is a terrace named Wenshu Terrace. On either side of the terrace, there is Lion Rock and the Elephant Trunk Rock guarding it. This platform is the best location to enjoy the most stunning beauty of Mt. Huangshan, such as the sea of clouds, the famous Huangshan greeting pine and seeing-a-visitor-off pine trees, and the rock formations: Squirrel Skipping to Tiandu Peak, the Peacock Playing with the Lotus Flower. Many stones inscribed with calligraphy are located in the Jade Screen Scenic Area.

Mt. Huangshan is home to clouds and mists. The Sea of Clouds has a fairy tale beauty. Winter is the best season for this spectacle.

All the colors seem more vivid in the sunshine. The clouds are forever changing, appearing like a mirror when all is calm to rolling waves when the wind is strong.

See a classic Mountain Huangshan tour below or contact us for a tailor-made China tour.

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