Pine Valley Scenic Area of Huangshan Mountain

Situated on Huangshan Mountain's northern face, the Pine Valley Scenic Area can be reached by climbing over 6,500 steps. Beginning from Lotus Ridge, the north gate of Huangshan Mountain, and climbing the north steps, visitors can reach the Pine Valley Scenic Area. The air in this area has very high oxygen content due to the numerous plant species that grow here. The bizarre rock formations and natural pools are the highlights of this area.

The Emerald Pool is situated at the foot of the Lotus Peak. It is surrounded by rocks and is fed by a small stream that flows through the Pine Valley Scenic Area. The ripples and reflections of the mountains and trees create a fanciful world in the water. Many visitors itching for a swim are recommended not to enter the 10-meter deep pool because the water is far too cold even in the summer. Beside the Pool, a large rock with a Chinese character "Fo" (means Buddha) can be found. There are many stone inscriptions found on the cliffs around the area.

The Five Dragon Pond located not far away from the Emerald Pool and the Pine Valley Stream is actually five giant rocks naturally shaped like dragons stretching their heads down to drink water, hence the name.

After a visit to the Pine Valley Temple, visitors can cross a bridge to reach the Pine Valley Nunnery, which is nestled at the foot of the Diezhang Peak. Originally built in 1253A.D, the nunnery was rebuilt in 1426A.D. The surroundings here are quiet and pleasant. It is a good place to enjoy the ancient stone inscription and other beautiful scenery.

The last recommended spot in this area is the Refreshing Terrace. Visitors who walk through the three pavilions to reach this area will see famous natural rock formations like The Immortal Watching the Sea, The Immortal Paving the Road, The Tiger Carrying a Sheep, and Guan Gong Obstructing Cao Cao (both were famous generals during the Three Kingdoms Period, 220-265A.D.).

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