Best Time to Visit the Great Wall in Beijing, China

When is the best time to visit the Great Wall in Beijing, China? Many travelers are asking. But the answer is flexible for different people due to various preferences, as the climate and scenery there vary from season to season. Here is some very useful information to help you with making plans:

 The Great Wall of China in autumn

The Great Wall in China, One of 7 Wonders of the World

Spring: ★★★★★

Weather: The weather in spring is overall delightful. March is still quite chilly with occasional wind and dust, so wearing jackets in the mornings and evenings is necessary due to the big temperature drop between day and night. A warmer spring usually starts in early April and ends in early May, and this is the highly recommended time to visit the Great Wall when the daytime temperature is on average 11°C–24°C (52°F–75°F).

Scenery: Spring makes the Great Wall full of vigor. As spring approaches, the plants on the mountains start to turn green, and flowers start to bloom. Everything is fresh and beautiful along the way as the wall winds its way among the lush vegetation. 

The Great Wall of China in spring

The Scenic Great Wall in Warm Spring

Crowdedness: Spring season is much less crowded compared to summer and autumn. But do avoid the first week of May (especially May 1–3, the Labor Day holiday), which is one of the Chinese "golden" travel weeks when traffic jams and overcrowding, as well as high prices of hotels, could affect your experience.

Summer: ★★★★

Weather: The summer months between June and August are a little hot and humid with an average high temperature of 30°C (86°F). July and August are also the months with most of the year's rainfalls, so remember to bring an umbrella which can protect you from the strong sunlight and also the potential rainfalls.

Scenery: Summer provides beautiful green foliage. During summer, the Great Wall looks like a beautiful silver necklace, surrounded by a thick green forest that is dotted with blooming flowers and colored leaves, standing out clearly under bright sunlight. The strong sunlight makes everything looks beautiful, but it might be too bright sometimes for the best photography.

The Great Wall of China in summer

Great Wall Standing out under Bright Sunlight in Summer

Crowdedness: Summer is the peak tourist season due to a large number of domestic tourists during school vacations. Since many hotels raise their rates during this season, it is a good idea to book tours and hotels in advance or visit the Mutianyu section which is also well repaired but with much fewer visitors instead of Badaling.

Autumn: ★★★★★

Weather: Autumn is the season with the best weather, which is generally cool and comfortable with a blue and clear sky. With an average temperature range from 8°C–18°C (46°F–64°F), we suggest you pack a warm jacket since it can be very cool in the mornings and evenings. But sometimes the autumn sunlight could be very strong in the afternoon, so it is also a great idea to bring sunglasses, sun cream and sun hats with you.

Scenery: Fall provides beautiful autumn colors. When fall comes, many trees such as maples change their colors. The mountains are blanketed by motley colors such as red, golden, yellow, brown, and dark green during this season, creating an amazing view with charming autumn hues. With a blue and clear sky, it is the best chance to watch the Great Wall snaking off into the distance and take wonderful pictures.

The Great Wall of China in autumn

Colorful Autumn Scenery of the Great Wall

Crowdedness: Autumn is also very crowded due to the good weather and beautiful scenery. Many tourists choose this time to visit the Great Wall, so expect long queues waiting to buy entrance tickets. Also try to avoid the first week of October (China’s National Day Holiday), which is another "golden" travel week for domestic travelers.

Winter: ★★★

Weather: Winter is mostly cold and windy with occasional snow. Since the temperature is usually well below freezing (from 0-10ºC which is 32-50ºF), you are advised to dress very warmly with winter accessories such as hats with ear flaps, gloves, scarves, and so on. Check the weather report first if you are planning to hike because if there is heavy snow blocking the roads leading to the sections, it is just impossible to do that.

Scenery: Winter brings snow which presents the Great Wall in a whole new spectacular way. This is the perfect time for those who want to witness awesome snowy scenes, with the mountains and the Great Wall itself covered with white snow! Also due to cold weather, tourists are fewer during this season, making it a wonderful opportunity to get the whole view of the Great Wall.

Crowdedness: Winter is the least crowded season due to cold weather. But do avoid the Chinese New Year festival (which lasts about 15 days), during which many businesses close and public transportation is very crowded.

China’s Great wall offers timeless charm to travelers worldwide. All sections are open during the year and you can visit them any time you want in theory. But in order to avoid the summer heat and winter coldness, spring and autumn are the best seasons for most travelers, with both mild weather and beautiful scenery.

Great Wall tips:

1. The afternoon is the warmest and best in winter but it is the hottest and worst time in summer. All day is comfortable in spring and fall.

2. Always remember to check the forecasts to avoid rain and snow which can make the surface of the Great Wall slippery, and also potential smog (which occurs more during autumn and winter) that can make the surroundings look hazy.

3. Try to avoid weekends and Chinese holidays, when it is most crowded with a huge number of domestic visitors. But those who love adventure can try to visit some of the less repaired and steeper sections with much fewer tourists such as Simatai, Gubeikou, and Huanghuacheng.

If you are planning to visit Beijing or other places in China, welcome to consult our professional team for more information and expert advice. Let us tailor make a trip of a lifetime for you according to your exact preferences!

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