4 Breathtaking Glass-bottomed Bridges in Zhangjiajie

As a very popular tourist destination in the central Hunan province of China, Zhangjiajie took advantage of its stunning surroundings and built many tourist facilities in recent years, including the world's highest and longest glass bridge and three other cliff-side glass skywalks.


Zhangjiajie, China
The Beautiful Scenery in Zhangjiajie

Let's have a look at these four scenic and scary glass attractions. You can choose your favorite one, or two, or all of them to experience the fear and fun while traveling to Zhangjiajie:

Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Glass Bridge

Opened date: August 20, 2016
Location: Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Scenic Area 
Ticket price: 138 RMB 
Length: 430 meters
Width: 6 meters 
Height: 300 meters

Being the longest and highest glass-bottom bridge so far in the world, it adds another highlight to Zhangjiajie. Spanning across two steep cliffs between Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon, this glass bridge offers you a thrilling feeling as well as a perfect panoramic view of the vast canyon below.

Designed by Israeli architect Haim Dotan, this bridge consists of 99 panels of clear glass with a capacity of 800 people at a time. To prove its safety, Chinese officials did a test on one of the glass panes by repeatedly hitting it with sledgehammers and then riding a car full of people across it. The glass did hold!

It's opened only for walking across by now. But according to the authorities, a bungee platform and three giant swings will also be added to the structure in 2017 to make it even more adventurous for visitors.

Only 8,000 tourists are allowed each day, so it is necessary to book the tickets at least one day earlier.

The three skywalks below are all located in Tianmen Mountain Scenic Area. Their charges are included in the ticket for this scenic area (258 RMB), except that you need to pay another 5 RMB for the shoe covers to try each of them.

Coiling Dragon Cliff Glass Skywalk

Opened date: Aug 1, 2016
Length: 100 meters
Width: 1.6 meters 
Altitude: Over 1,400 meters

This skywalk was converted from a part of the wooden Coiling Dragon Path that wraps around the side of Tianmen Mountain, being the third glass-bottomed attraction built in the Tianmen Mountain Scenic Area.

It certainly takes tremendous courage to walk on the transparent glass over such a high altitude! But if you are brave enough, you will be rewarded with the stunning view of Tongtian Avenue below, which is a mountain road with a total of 99 turns that winds its way to the peak.

 Tongtian Avenue, Zhangjiajie, China

The spectacular Tongtian Avenue with 99 turns

Tianmen Mountain Glass Skywalk (east side)

Opened date: April 2015
Length: 60 meters
Width: 1.6 meters 
Altitude: Over 1,400 meters 

Built along the sheer cliff high above Tianmen Cave, it is the second glass skywalk on Tianmen Mountain. Above there you can enjoy the splendid views surrounding the famous Tianmen Cave and the 999 steps of Tianmen staircases - if you dare look down!

Tianmen Mountain Glass Skywalk (west side)

Opened date: October 2011
Length: 60 meters
Width: 1.6 meters 
Altitude: Over 1,400 meters

Also named "the Walk of Faith", it was added to the original cliff-hanging Guigu Plank Road built above Guigu Cave, being the first skywalk on Tianmen Mountain as well as in Zhangjiajie. 

Hanging high above the valley, it is the perfect choice to experience the thrilling feeling of walking in the sky! But don't be too scared to look down and enjoy the wonderful scenery below though!

Glass walkways safety tips:

1. They may be closed during extremely bad weather.

2. Only wallets and mobile phones with cases are allowed to bring with visitors, nothing else.

3. Those that have issues with heart disease, drunkenness, high blood pressure, and fear of heights, do not try them.

4. No high heels are allowed, and everyone should wear shoe covers to protect the clearance of the glass.

5. No dangerous behaviors, such as running, leaping, leaning on the railing, etc.


Useful Zhangjiajie traveling tips:

1. It is better to travel to Zhangjiajie by air to save time since there is no direct high-speed train passing by for now.

2. April to October is normally the best time to visit with mild temperatures, while December to February is more suitable for those who want to enjoy snow scenery due to the cold winter. Check out [Travelogue] Into Zhangjiajie and Fenghuang Ancient Town for amazing snow pictures of Zhangjiajie!

3. Expect a long queue during summer due to a huge number of domestic visitors during school vacations. Also try to avoid weekends, especially Chinese holidays when it's most crowded.

4. The temperature difference between the city and the mountain areas is big, so you are advised to pack some warm clothes.

5. Try to avoid foggy days to get the best scenery, so check the weather forecast before you go or consult your travel advisor first.

These glass attractions in Zhangjiajie are attracting outdoor activity lovers and adventurous people from all over the world. But due to their limited capacities as well as tickets, you are advised to book tickets at least one day ahead, or simply let us do it for you by booking a tailor-made tour at 

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