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Gubeikou Great Wall Information and Tips

About the author, Vera Zhao
Vera Zhao is the product manager at Odyssey Tours. She has been in the line of Asia travel for 10+ years and stacks up helpful tips for tours to China, Southeast Asia and South Asia.
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Gubeikou is a legend. Being “the gateway to the capital”, the wounds and scars left on the wall caused by weapons and bullets still vividly remind people of the battles broken out here since ancient times. Gubeikou connects Jinshanling Great Wall at its east and has a strategic importance for keeping the capital untouched. During a hiking at Gubeikou, the war remnants and wild trees grown around the scarred wall present a raw, simple but magnificent view to the visitors. 

Gubeikou Great WallGubeikou Great Wall

The Great Wall at Gubeikou is 145 km away from Beijing, and was built in Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). The wall at Gubeikou section is more than purely wild; it has more importance in wartime period, including the battle in 1933, World Wall II, where Chinese army took advantage of the wall and fortifications to fight against Japanese invasion. 

Our guests hiking Gubeikou Great WallOur guests hiking at narrow and steep part of Gubeikou Great Wall

With Chaohe River and Wohu Mountain at its west, and Panlong Mountain at its east, Gubeikou meets and connects the south-north trend Yanshan Mountains. It has 143 watch towers in total and many other military constructions standing on the rugged mountains. 

Gorgeous Gubeikou Great WallSimple but gorgeous Gubeikou Great Wall

What to Do:

1. An intensive hiking eastward from Gubeikou to Jinshanling requires 5-6 hours. En Route, be prepared to meet some big slopes on precipitous mountains ridges with crumbling wall exteriors and loosening stone paths.

2. Cable cars available when you arrived at Jinshanling.


1. There’s a military base you will encounter on the way from Gubeikou to Jinshanling, you need to bypass it.

2. It’s a long journey through a less restored part of the Great Wall, so it’s recommended that you hire a professional guide for the hiking.

3. It’s recommended that you prepare comfortable shoes, sunscreen, sunglasses, and trekking poles. 

4. Bring 3-4 bottles of water, snack, energy supplements in summer time is necessary. 

5. Avoid street vendors by refusing them at the beginning. 

6. Bring a zoom lens camera for photo shooting. 

7. Gubeikou is far from city; organize guides and vehicles in advance.

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