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The ruined Jiankou Great Wall is very challenging even for real hikers. Broken and dilapidated, the incomplete wall zigzags towards the pinnacles; it's a 4-5 hour long route; visitors must be cautious when hiking here since the path is full of small crushed stones which make the climbing even more difficult. There are no facilities helping you climb up at this un-restored wall, so teamwork is essential.

Ten kilometers to the west from Mutianyu Great Wall is the un-restored Jiankou Great Wall. It's about 90 km away from Beijing, in Huairou district. The Great Wall at Jiankou was built in the Ming Dynasty in 1368. Since then, its appearance has not been changed artificially. Due to the original appearance of Jiankou is so unique and real, it's favored by adventurers and photographers alike. Jiankou, or Arrow Nock in English, is to describe the strangely shaped mountains and its ridges which look like an arrow nock.

the un-restored Great Wall section at JiankouComparably less explored; the very wild part of Great Wall that looks torn with the exterior of the wall peeled off is buried by trees and wild grasses.

The Great Wall at Jiankou has 28 towers. Among them, 38 Big Step is a steep slope with an angle of 80 degrees; and the best place to enjoy the panorama view of the wall is Zhengbeilou Watchtower; the highlight of the tour.

Precipitous Jiankou Great WallThe highlight comes at Zhenbeilou Tower when trekking two to three hours, this is where you get the widest vision; layered mountains gradually fade out from vision; green, gray, to light gray. On top of the mountains, the Great Wall slowly spirals down until it becomes a muddy line.

Jiankou Great Wall HikingThere're a lot of steep parts like this at Jiankou Great Wall

What to Do:

1.  You can do the hiking from Jiankou to Mutianyu to enjoy the breathtaking view along the way. It's a five-hour long route bounding east to Mutianyu Great Wall.

2.  By reaching Mutianyu, you could take either toboggan or cable cars to get down from the wall; or trek around 40 minutes down.


1.  Even if this section of the Great Wall is not officially opened to the public, its beautifulness has made it one of the hottest spots for travelers.

2.  For a better hiking experience, please wear comfortable shoes and bring your hat, sunglasses, sun cream, tissues, trekking poles, umbrellas, cameras, and maybe a jacket if in cold days.

3.  No restaurant along the Great Wall hiking, so you need to bring some bread, cakes, bottled water and snacks as lunch. Your guide will help you to prepare in advance.   

4.  Be prepared that toilets are available at Xizhazi village near Jiankou, but not available along the Great Wall at Jiankou.

5.  Do NOT wear shorts in summer as you need to bushwhack.

6.  Do NOT visit Jiankou Great Wall in bad weather.

7.  It’s recommended that you hire an experienced guide for this odyssey.

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