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Mutianyu Great Wall Information and Tips

About the author, Vera Zhao
Vera Zhao is the product manager at Odyssey Tours. She has been in the line of Asia travel for 10+ years and stacks up helpful tips for tours to China, Southeast Asia and South Asia.
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This is a family friendly section. It’s a part of wall with easily accessibility; it’s less crowded than Badaling. The cable cars, toboggans on the site make climbing/hiking easier. There’s a newly installed graffiti board at tower 14 allows children to leave graffiti.

Mutianyu is quite a globalized section as more foreign visitors tend to go there. A climbing at Mutianyu Great Wall takes around 2-3 hours with few steep parts.

Mutianyu Great Wall in autumnIn autumn, Great Wall at Mutianyu besieged by trees turn colorful; this is the best season to see Mutianyu Great Wall

Only 1.5 hours’ drive (95 km northeast of Beijing) from the capital, the Great Wall at Mutianyu section has been guarding the imperial city since Northern Qi Dynasty (550). It’s the slightly untamed Badaling, with equal beautifulness; it’s less crowded, and enjoys a higher popularity among foreign visitors.

Mutianyu International Cultural VillageAt the foot of Mutianyu nestled the Mutianyu International Cultural Village where many foreigners chose to settle down and thrive. 

The Mutianyu Great Wall has 22 watch towers and stretches over two kilometers; it was built up high (around 23-26 feets) and made of granite blocks, these features make Mutianyu Great Wall quite indestructible. Mutianyu was restored since 1983 and reopened to public three years later. It was the second part of the Great Wall being seen by the world, only later than Badaling Great Wall.  

What to Do:

1.   From the 8th watch tower, you could either hike east (plain part) to the 1st tower; or bound west (steep part) to the 20th watch tower; which take you about 1.5hrs and 3 hrs respectively to finish the hiking.

2.   Toboggan was installed at the 6th watch tower, and cable car was installed at the 14th watch tower.

3.   To do an extensive hiking, you can hike westbound to Jiankou Great Wall; along the way, you’re able to see both restored and wild part of wall. The whole journey normally takes around five hours. However, it’s strongly suggested that you hike from Jiankou to Mutianyu,as 3/4 of the route is downhill.

4.   You can also cycling along the villages near Mutianyu to enjoy the wall view or to take some pictures of rural Chinese life.


1.   Comparably less crowded than Badaling, Mutianyu is still busy especially in Chinese holidays and the end of everyweek; waiting for toboggans could take you more than one hour in busy time.

2.   Autumn is regarded as the best season to visit Mutianyu; when its surrounding trees (over 96% coverage) turn into different colors.

3.   Walking on the snow-covered wall in winter (late November to early March) is slippery, be cautious.

4.   Mutianyu Great Wall is a great spot for family tours. Equipped with cable cars, toboggan, graffiti board, these could all make an unforgettable trip for families.

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