Jade Buddha Temple in Shanghai

In the western part of Shanghai lies the Jade Buddha Temple. Originally built in 1882, the temple as seen today was built in 1928. The temple received its name from the two jade statues of the Buddha that it houses.

Jade Buddha Temple in ShanghaiJade Buddha Temple in Shanghai

  • It is one of the Temples that have received the most guests and heads of state from home or abroad in Shanghai and the country.
  • Though it is situated in the busy city proper, the temple can seek quiet from noise and is extolled as a pure land in the bustling city.
  • The main structures of the temple are the Devajara Hall, the Mahavira Hall and the Jade Buddha Tower. And at sides are the Kwan-yin Hall, the Amitabha Hall, the Tang Hall, the Dining- Room and the Recumbent Buddha Hall.

Historical & Cultural Background

  • Jade Buddha Temple was built in 1882 and got the name for the two jade Buddha sacrificed in the temple. The small one was brought to China from Burma by Monk Huigen in l882, while the big one was brought from Singapore by Zhenshan, the tenth master of the temple in 1990.
  • The story goes that a monk from Putuoshan traveled to Myanmar via Tibet, lugged the Buddha back to its present site and then went off in search of alms to build a temple for it.
  • Every year there are thousands upon thousands of believers and pilgrims who come and pilgrimage here.

    Jade Buddha TempleJade Buddha Temple

Tour Features

Priceless White Jade Buddhas

The exquisitely carved Buddha statues are carved of white jade and are priceless. Less known, but just as spectacular is the temple's porcelain collection.


170 Anyuan Road

The temple is in the northwest of town, near the intersection of Anyuan Road and Jiangning Road.


  • By subway: take the metro out to the Shanghai train station and then walk about 1 km.
  • Take Subway Line 6 at Wulian Road Station, and get off at Shiji Dadao Station.
  • Take Subway Line 2 and get off at Nanjing Road West Station
  • By Bus: No. 19, and get off at Anyuan Road

Visiting Time

  • Opening hours: 8:10 am - 4:30 pm, daily
  • Best visiting time: Lunar New Year's Day, the fifteenth day of the first lunar month. At that time, the temple will have some special activities.

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