Shanghai Attractions

The charm of Shanghai lies in the seamless mix of modern and traditional, east and west. This amazing metropolis is a historically and culturally rich city with plenty of tourism resources and no visitor to Shanghai has ever been disappointed. It is known for its gardens, museums, temples, and the Bund, commonly referred to as a "museum of architecture".

Shanghai, the Museum of ArchitectureShanghai, the Museum of Architecture

  • As one of the most popular tourist destinations of China, Shanghai has so much to offer. The city has 92 museums, 4,199 historical buildings and cultural relics sites.
  • As the largest city in China, Shanghai was known as the Paris of the East and is one of the world's major cosmopolitan metropolises.
  • Its architecture, amusements, cuisine, and culture are very distinctive when compared with other cities around the world.
  • With connections to airports from around the globe and connections to all of the major cities in China, Shanghai is the perfect location to begin a tour of the amazing country, China.

Top Rated Attractions

The Bund is Shanghai's famous waterfront district, often called the"Museum of Architecture". The Bund is famous for its old Western-style buildings.

The BundThe Bund

Renowned traditional landscape garden in Jiangnan, it is also a historical site with a history of 450 years. Chairman Jiang Zemin wrote an epigraph"Famous Garden in the Sea" for the Yu Garden.

Yu GardenYu Garden

If you want to look back on the bygone days of Shanghai, the Shanghai Old Street will lead you to travel through the time tunnel back to 100 years ago.

Shanghai Old StreetShanghai Old Street

Lujiazui is a newly developing area in Pudong, Shanghai. The three tallest buildings are located in Lujiazui.

Xin Tian Di is a fashionable pedestrian street composed of Shikumen and a modern architecture style. This is an area to wine, dine and chill out.

Xin Tian DiXin Tian Di

Shanghai Museum, one of the best museums in China, is mainly a museum for ancient art.

Exhibition in Shanghai MuseumExhibition in Shanghai Museum

Jewish sites are a distinctive attraction for foreign travelers who have memories of the tough times their families went through.

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