Yuyuan Market - Shanghai Old Street

If you want to look back on the bygone days of Shanghai, the Shanghai Old Street will lead you to travel through the time tunnel back to 100 years ago.

  • The reconstructed Old Street is 825m in total length. It is separated into two sections by Guanyi Street. The eastern section extends to Renmin Road and the western section to Henan Road.
  • The buildings in the Old Street are differently, the eastern section still keeps the characteristics of the houses in the late Qing Dynasty (A.D.1840--1911) and the early Republican period (1912-1919).
  • The buildings in the western section are to model after the architecture style of Ming (A.D.1368-1644) and Qing (A.D.1616-1911) Dynasty, the lattice windows, the painted tablets make the street full of ancient atmosphere.

Yu Market in ShanghaiYu Market in Shanghai

Historical & Culture Background

  • In the old days, the street was an Old Street gathering all the 360 trades of China, it once gathered a group of pawnshops, private banks, gold shops, silverware shops, wine shops, teahouses, theatres and hongs. Meanwhile, it is a passageway for the flowing passengers joining the Shilipu, the Town God Temple and the Yu Garden area.
  • Since the reestablishment, the Old Street has re-created the lost trades, such as the coins banks, mahogany furniture shops, pawnshops, old style teahouses, old wine shops, embroidery shops, etc.
  • Now in the simple old architectures, some newly-built scenic landmark buildings have become the highlights in the Old Street.

Tour Features
-What is special there?

  • Three Pailou - historical relics 
    Coming here you would be overwhelmed by three Pailou(decorated archway) with diverse styles, an ancient stage and a leisure long Corridor.
  • Shopping Paradise
    Yuyuan Market is a wonderful place to do some shopping, try out some of the local snacks, and see how local Shanghai resident's life.


Yuyuan Market, also called Yuyuan Bazaar, is located next to the Yuyuan Garden.

- how to get there?

  • By subway: Take Subway Line 8 and get off at Dashijie Station, walk along Huaihai East Road and Renmin Road, and you will find Yuyuan Garden.
  • One of the best ways to enter this area is through the northern gate from Renmin Road and Lishui road.

Visiting Time
- How long should I stay there?
- When is the best time to visit there?

Try not to visit on the weekend, though, as the crowds are pressing to say the least.

Costs/ Entrance Tickets

Absolutely free

Review & Tips
- What do tour experts/visitors say about this place?

  • This is definitely the place to come for souvenir shopping. You could find anything from mirrors, tea sets, Chinese fans or silk products to food and art. Don’t forget to barter for a good price!
  • Different local snacks are available. Shanghai is known for its steamed meat dumplings and the most famous in Shanghai are found in the Yu Garden shopping complex.
  • We visited the Yuyuan Market. A very nice place where you can find lots of stores of tea and candies and everything! (-Patricia. from Chile)

Other tour attractions nearby

  • Yu Garden: locates at the northeast corner of the old city in south Shanghai. 

Tours with this attraction

  • If you are interested in taking a Shanghai tour with a visit to Yuyuan Market-Shanghai old street; if you need a private tour and an English speaking tour guide to show you around Shanghai; China Odyssey Tours is here and ready to help.

Sample Shanghai tour to discover the Yuyuan Market:

Welcome to contact us for a tailor-made China tour.

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