Local Lifestyle in Suzhou

Suzhou, famous for its Chinese landscape gardens with traditional architectural style, is a popular tourist destination in China. On one side, it is a peaceful city just like the character of landscape gardens. On the other side, Suzhou is located near Shanghai - the Paris of Oriental, so it must obtain a lot of fashionable elements. The lifestyle in Suzhou must be traditional and fashionable.

Generally speaking, there are three characteristics of the lifestyle of Suzhou people. Suzhou people have an idea of taste, which refers to a high-quality and abundant-connotation lifestyle. It contains three aspects as follows:

First, Suzhou people love following trends. If we say that Paris is the capital of fashion in France, Suzhou is the capital of fashion in Chinese Mainland. In the eyes of most Suzhou people, Huai Hai Road is the street of fashion in Suzhou. In Huai Hai Road, no matter the decorations of department stores, or the windows showing famous brand dresses, even people walking on the street are full of the fashion sense. Suzhou people learn fast and chase fast, especially on fashionable things. Because of the dynamic of Suzhou people chasing fashion, great changes have taken place since the policy of reforming and opening to the world in 1978.

Tongli Water Town, SuzhouTongli Water Town, Suzhou

Second, Suzhou people have the consciousness of tolerance, which refers to a tolerant lifestyle. Suzhou is an international city, so even the native Suzhou people are tolerant of any new things. They have a far eye reach. Old people like to live a relaxing life. In the morning, they like doing some morning exercises, such as doing shadowboxing and practicing swords. During the day, the old people like going fishing, doing Majong, doing Chinese chess, etc. In the evening, they like taking a walk along the street. How leisurely it is! But young people like to live a fashionable and exciting life! During the day, young people go to work or go to school, but at night, they like to go to bars, KTV, Disco halls, etc. Although there is much difference between the lifestyle, they try their best to understand and adapt it rather than criticize it. Different lifestyles consist of the colorful life of people in Suzhou.

Third, Suzhou people lead casual lives. They don't care about other things except for their will. They will do that right now as long as they want to do it. They follow the credo that "work hard, and enjoy as much as one likes". When they are working, they try their best to finish every task. After work, they fling themselves into the crazy entertainment. Moreover, they not only chase fashionable things but also high-quality in spirit. More and more enterprises and merchants like to get in touch with artists. They do that because they don't only satisfy their physical life. They want to chase higher-quality lives.

In Suzhou, the hometown of Chinese landscape gardens, visitors may appreciate not only the beautiful architecture and sceneries but also the atmosphere of different lifestyles. Whoever you are, join in!

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