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Suzhou is a city compared with heaven in Chinese poems, and no exaggeration at all. The natural landscape is obviously not Suzhou's style, like the "Garden City", a number of beautiful and elegant Chinese gardens are what we are expecting from the Suzhou tours.

Designed in line with the unique traditional Chinese aesthetic, the gardens in Suzhou are probably not that garden-like. Instead, they act more as a spiritual utopia for our ancestor who in pursuit of the peace in mind. Take a stroll around the gardens and appreciate their delicately sculpted ponds and rockeries, elegant beams and pillars, carefully placed trees and flowers, etc. you will definitely understand them.

Besides the famous Humble Administrator's Garden, Lingering Garden, and Master of Nets Garden. Lion Grove Garden is also worth visiting when you are traveling with kids; nothing's more interesting than to play hide-and-seek in its legion of curiously shaped rocks.

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Travel ideas about Suzhou

Classic Suzhou

2 days is enough for you to cover the best of Suzhou, as long as you don’t count water town in. Visit your favorite landscape garden; learn how the pure silk products are made from a small cocoon and cruise the old canals, a vivid and classic Suzhou will stay in your mind.

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Gardens tours

I bet most travelers come to Suzhou for gardens. There are many gardens in Suzhou, but each is different from another. Looking for a grand one? The Humble Administrators Garden is your first choice. A smaller and quaint one? I would recommend the Lingering Garden. Want to see a show at night? Nothing beats the Master of the Nets Garden.

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Water town side tour

If you have a half day or full day left after toured Suzhou city, extend your tour to a nearby water town, Tongli, Zhouzhuang, or Xitang, which are within easy drivingdistance of Suzhou.And we admit Zhouzhuang is more famous, and perhaps more familiar to youbut it's also more commercialized than Tongli.

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More in architecture?

For those who have a passion for architectures, there is a place for you: Suzhou Museum, the masterpiece of famed architect I.M. Pei.

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