Suzhou Pan Gate

Suzhou Pan Gate

The Pan Gate locates at the southwest corner of Suzhou city. As an ancient architecture in the Yuan Dynasty, the Pan Gate was listed as an important national culture relic by the State Department in 2006.

The Pan Gate was first built in 514 BC, and it was rebuilt at the end of the Yuan Dynasty. The Pan gate is the only remaining land and water gate in Suzhou ancient city. It consists of two water passes, three land waters and the urn city. The Pan Gate consists of two gates, the inside gate and the outside gate. Between the two gates, there is the urn city, which may hide hundreds of soldiers to protect from the enemies. There are huge strobes to control the pedestrians and boats by raising or closing them. By doing so, the ancient Suzhou city can be protected well.

The Pan Gate is one of the two remaining ancient gates in Suzhou, and the only remaining water gate in China. The area is huge and has much more than just the gate. The entire area has been turned into a scenic spot with a lot of historical interests. It is large and very nice. The area originally had a temple, and only the pagoda is left from it now. The pagoda is well over a thousand years old and quite beautiful. The pagoda was built in the North Song Dynasty. It is 43.2 meters tall. It has 7 layers. The precious culture relics were found in the pagoda many times. In 1963, on the pagoda’s cliff of the first layer, there discovered two wood Buddha statues. On the third layer, there discovered one stone Buddha statue and some brick carving. In 1978, on the third layer, there discovered Kwan-yin statue, copper Buddha statue, and more than 100 Buddhist materials, which are priceless culture relics.

In recent years, the Pan Gate spot becomes a famous tourist attraction. There are many gardens, pavilions and ponds scattered throughout the area. It is a very nice place to stroll and relax.

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