Suzhou Shopping Tips

Suzhou Shopping Tips

As a popular tourist destination, Suzhou is famous for the exquisite landscape gardens with traditional architectural style. Except for beautiful scenery, there are also a lot of shopping districts that sell modern things and other traditional things. People can fully appreciate shopping here.

Guan Qian Street: 
Located at the center of Suzhou city, Guan Qian Street is a famous commercial street with many ancient stores, such as the Qian Taixiang Silk Store, the Cai Zhizhai Candy Store, and the Huang Tianyuan Cake Ball Store, etc. The Eunuch Lane is a Cate Street famous for Suzhou Cates. With the development of society, Guan Qian Street welcomes all the tourists at home and abroad.

Shi Lu Shopping Center:
In this area, there are full of high buildings and large mansions. Banks, hotels, post offices, restaurants, dancing bars, and entertainment places are here and there. Here you can go shopping and do some entertainment. It is near to Suzhou Railway Station and Suzhou Bus Station. It is very convenient to go to the famous tourist attractions, such as the Lingering Garden and the Hanshan Temple.

Shi Quan Street: 
It is famous for special food and craftworks. There are a lot of buildings of Ming and Qing architectural style. The Korean restaurants, Japanese restaurants, and other different style restaurants are wonderful places for people to whet their appetite. There are also many craftwork shops which sell Suzhou silk, antiques, paintings and calligraphy. It must be new to Western people.

Southern Gate Shopping Center:
It is a very thriving commercial district with large department stores. There are also many aquatic product markets, vegetable and fruit markets, and tea markets. After shopping, you can taste delicious food in different restaurants. The port of the famous water flight - "Heaven Flight" locates at this district. It is very convenient to take a bus or boat from Hangzhou to Suzhou.

Maple Bridge Commercial Street:
This Street is a classical commercial street with colorful culture and local tradition. The unsophisticated buildings are Ming and Qing Dynasty's style, which is loved by every tourist. The stores have all kinds of craftworks, such as silk, the four treasures of the study, the rosewood carvings, and the sandalwood fans, etc. Here you can enjoy the wonderful performance of "calligraphy with a quite long pen”. It must draw your impression!

Nan Hao Street: 
It is near the Grand Canal, and Ya Xi Ya Square, so the location is very convenient. It covers an area of 60,000 square meters. There is a 600-meter-long commercial street of Ming and Qing architectural style. There are also lots of restaurants of different styles. Visitors may appreciate the quiet and humanist atmosphere.

There are so many specialties in Suzhou, such as Dongting Biluochun tea and Dongting waxberry. Visitors can buy them in the department stores and shopping center. Do not miss them. They are the best present for your friends and relatives! Without hustle and bustle, you may fully relax and enjoy your holiday in Suzhou.

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