Things to Do in Tibet - Festivals & Entertainment

A tour of the mysterious land of Tibet will be one of the most unforgettable experiences of your life. Tibet is not only famous for its stunning landscapes and historic architecture, but also for the unique culture of the Tibetans. Everything in this amazing province is unique and specially adapted to the harsh elements of the Roof of the World.

Tibetan festivals

Tibetan festivals are very important for both religious and social life. There are many festivals in Tibet, such as the Tibetan New Year, the Butter Lantern Festival, the Shoton Festival of Lhasa, the Horse Racing Fair, and the Archery Festival. Held during different times the festivals are celebrated differently in different parts of Tibet. The Horse racing festivals in the summer and harvest festivals during the fall are two of the most spectacular festivals. There are many festivals that are celebrated regionally. 

Visiting a local Tibetan family

It is said that visiting a local Tibetan family is one of the best parts of a Tibet tour because it is the best way for visitors to get a better understanding of local Tibetan's lifestyles. Tibetan people are famous for their hospitality and feel a blemish on their honor if their guests are not treated to a wonderful time. Visitors are welcomed into their homes with open arms and dinner is started while the visitors sit down for a chat. When dinner is finished, the family will sing and dance for visitors. Visitors are welcome to join in the dancing. It was a wonderful time. Visitors will feel like members of the family before the dinner is through.

Entertainment and nightlife

The best nightlife in Tibet can be found in the city of Lhasa. Compared with other cities in China, entertainment in Lhasa seems more low-key and simple. Bars in Lhasa are attractive for their exotic flavors, especially in the evening. Visitors like to choose a bar for a drink with friends that suits their style. Many visitors like to watch a performance of traditional singing and dancing. Others like to go to Lhasa's night market and wander from booth to booth while sampling local snacks. Visitors are enthralled by the many booths selling snacks, fruits, and local arts and crafts. It is the best time to make purchases because prices at the night market are cheaper than many other shopping places in Lhasa. Each night, this street is crowded with locals and visitors alike.

There is so much to see and do in Tibet, that the days seem to rush past, and before you know it, you will have to move on to your next destination, but no matter where you go, a little piece of Tibet will remain with you forever and the memories of this mysterious and enchanting place will last a lifetime.

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