Tibetan Local Lifestyle

Tibetans are extremely warm and hospitable to their guests, and they seem to laugh more than any other people in the world. Tibetan people have not only managed to survive in the high altitudes of the Tibetan plateau but have thrived. They have created a unique culture all their own.

Tibetans living in the grasslands live in large tents, which allow them to be able to move to greener pastures for their livestock. Their tents are beautiful and appear simple, but they are quite complex. People who live a less nomadic lifestyle live in wooden houses that are covered with Buddhist carvings. Every square inch of their houses is decorated with bright colors, and visitors are always welcome.

Tibetan tentTibetan Local Lifestyle

The diet of the Tibetans living in mountainous regions is quite unique due to the high altitude water cannot be brought to a boil. Although their diet is limited, it is very good at supplying Tibetans with the nutrition that they need to survive. The Tibetans have what they call the "four treasures" of their diet. The four treasures are tsampa, butter tea, beef and mutton, and noodles. Their tsampa and teas are filled with nutrients and not only keep Tibetans warm in winter but also give them energy. Tibetan food is mostly meat, especially beef or mutton, but not dog meat or fish because they feel dog meat is dirty, and they regard fish as gods of the water, so eating them is forbidden.

The traditional clothing in Tibet is also very unique and well-adapted to the weather. They wear different styles of clothing depending on the weather. Clothing is usually made of silk, sheepskin, wool, and cotton. Costumes for men are bold and loose and for women, elegant and graceful. The sleeves of their shirts are usually longer than their arms and are used as a feature in their dances.

Tibetan girlTibetan Local Lifestyle

It is often said that Tibetans can sing before they can speak. They are especially fond of singing and dancing. Tibetans need little excuse to sing or dance. Most of their festivals are all about singing and dancing. Each spring, after all of the fields have been plowed, they celebrate the Guozhuang Festival. This festival is a chance for all the locals to get together and sing and dance together. It is very popular, especially amongst Tibetans living in the southern areas of Tibet. The person who is considered to be the best singer and dancer is rewarded with a pot of the local Chang alcohol. Another popular festival is the Wangguo Festival. It is held just before the autumn harvest. This festival lasts from three to five days. People wear their best clothing and create colorful prayer flags. They sing and dance, beat drums and gongs, and walk around their fields to express their hope for a bumper crop. Another feature of this festival is horse racing. After the festival ends, the harvesting begins.

Tibetans are particularly fond of feasts, and visitors are a great excuse to throw one. Tibetans are well-known for their hospitality. It is a tradition for guests to bring a basket filled with food or snacks. After chatting for several hours, the guests offer gifts to the host. The host will take everything offered and will put their own gifts for the guests into the basket. It shows their generosity towards each other. Hosts will always go out of their way to entertain their guests and make sure that they have a wonderful time.

Tibetan dancer and singerTibetan Local Lifestyle

Tibetans are adept at finding ways to enjoy themselves. They need little excuse to throw a party and find pleasure in the simple things of life. Everything about Tibetan's lives is worth exploring. They are just waiting for visitors to experience their lives at the "Top of the world."

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