Hanyangling Tomb Museum

Hanyangling Tomb is the joint tomb of Emperor Jingdi and his Empress. Profound Han culture, exquisite relics, unique underground museum, and pleasant scenery make the Han Yangling Museum the most charming and attractive museum locally and abroad.  If you intend to do Xi'an tours, why not take the museum into consideration? 

Location: The Han Yangling Tomb locates near the Wei River in the northern suburb of Xi'an city, Shaanxi province.

Brief Introduction of Hanyangling Tomb:

Hanyangling tomb is the joint tomb of Emperor Jingdi and his Empress. It is the largest underground museum in China. Besides, the tomb combines modern technology, ancient civilization, ancient culture, and garden art.

After 30 years of excavation, it shows that the Hanyangling tomb is mainly composed of the Emperor and Empress' graveyards, southern and northern burial pits, ritual buildings, and the criminal's graveyards. The layout is similar to the ancient morning court held by the emperor.

All the graveyards and burial pits are in the underground museum. The cultural relics are protected by a special glass imported from the Czech. Seeing them on the ground, visitors may truly feel the unearthed process of the national treasure, and the splendid Han culture. 

Culture Relics unearthed from Hanyangling Tomb:

Cultural relics unearthed from the 200-odd burial pits include armored warrior figures with weapons, elegant palace maids with Han costumes, and countless animals like ox, horses, pigs, and dogs with vivid expressions. The typical Han-colored drawing figures are especially precious. Different from Terracotta Warriors, the figures are only 1/3 meter high. Hanyangling tomb vividly displays the palace culture and social life of the Han Dynasty, and it is considered to be the most intact royal mausoleum.

Historical Origin of Hanyangling Mausoleum:

Emperor Jingdi (188BC-141BC), named Liu Qi, was the fourth Emperor of the Western Han Dynasty. During his 17-year reign, he adhered to the philosophy of the Yellow Emperor and Saint Laozi, whose main doctrine was to follow natural principles. He developed a peaceful relationship with the Huns through intermarriage and reduced the burden of tax and penalties. According to historical records, "the state revenue of the ancient capital was brimming with coins that the ropes, used for tying, decayed, leaving them impossible to count. Foods in state storage were permeated, most of them decayed”.  Emperor Jindi, together with his father Emperor Wendi, opened a golden era of harmony in the early feudal society, which was later regarded as "the Great Reign of Wen and Jing".  

Opening Time of Hanyangling Museum:

December, January, and February: 8:30 - 18:00
From March to November: 8:30 - 19:00

Admission Times:

December, January, and February: 8:30 - 17:00
From March to November: 8:30 - 17:30

How long will it take tourists to visit Hanyangling Tomb?

It will take tourists about 1.5 hours to visit Hangyangling tomb.

Interesting Activities Visitors may Take Part in:

Simulated Excavation is a practice for history enthusiasts and archaeological trainees to participate in the real excavation of historical ruins. The explanation and demonstrations from the archaeologists will reveal the extent of the excavation skills used on the site. (Reservation required one week in advance with an additional fee charged)

Relic's restoration is a visiting project which provides antique collectors and enthusiasts a chance to learn basic restoration techniques. In the restoration room, archaeologists will demonstrate and explain the knowledge and skills of basic restoration techniques to visitors. (Reservation required one week in advance with an additional fee charged)

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