Xi'an Facts: Location, History, Culture, Religion

Xi'an, the home of the Terracotta Warriors, is the capital of 13 ancient Chinese dynasties and the eastern terminus of the Silk Road. Get informed before you do Xi'an tours. Find out where it is, its history, religion, local snacks, and weather.

Ancient City Wall, Xi'anAncient City Wall, Xi'an

Where is Xi'an

Get informed about how to get there, the transportation system of Xi'an, and how to travel from other famous China destinations such as Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Guilin, Chengdu...

Xi'an History

Known as the famous historic ancient capital, Xi'an has a very brilliant background: The first emperor Qinshihuang, the starting stop of the Silk Road, served as the capital city for 13 dynasties. Let's get close to seeing about the historic Xi'an.

Xi'an Religion

It is said that temples in the city of Xi'an are a reflection of the religious situation in China. There are many kinds of temples in Xi'an, indicating different religions: Buddhism, Daoism, Islam and etc. The Muslim Snack Street and the Great Mosque are very popular travel sites. Here we recommend some religious sites for you to know about the religious situation in Xi'an, as well as provide some travel tips.

Xi'an Snacks

Xi'an is filled with many wonderful dishes and snacks. Some of the other popular dishes are Mutton Paomo: (Steamed Bun Soaked in Mutton Soup), Xi'an Hot Pot, Roujiamo (steamed bread with mincemeat fillings), Xi'an Kabobs, Liangpi (cold noodles), Guan Tang Baozi (Juicy Bun) and many others.

Xi'an Weather

Xi'an has a semi-moist monsoon climate and there is a clear distinction between the four seasons. Summer in Xi'an is hot and rainy while winter is usually cold and dry. Spring and autumn would be the best season to visit Xi'an. Except for the colder winter, any season is relatively suitable for traveling. Check more about the weather in Xi'an.

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