Xi'an History: Xi'an Emperor, Tang Dynasty, Silk Road

Xi'an was formerly known as Chang'an; which means long-term stability, with the wish of being an eternal peaceful city. We are not sure about the "eternal", but we do know that Xi'an is very old; as old as Rome, thus the name "Eastern Rome".

There is a local saying that goes like this: if you want to see China over the past 5000 years, go to Xi'an. This might be slightly exaggerated; however, it illustrates the role that Xi'an played throughout Chinese history, with 13 dynasties having the city as their capital.

Xi'an is one of the cradles of ancient Chinese civilization and the center of ancient China. It is the eastern starting point of the ancient Silk Road, connecting Asia with Europe. It is the home of the Terracotta Warriors and many of China's most splendid art and architectural wonders. Many cultural relics and historical sites remain preserved within the city. In a phrase - Xi'an is a historical museum itself and Xi'an tours are all about discovering ancient China!

Xi'an Emperors

There are two things that are uncountable in Xi'an. One is the number of Terracotta Warriors; the other is the number of mausoleums and tombs of the emperors, their families, and their relatives. Serving as the capital city for 13 dynasties, Xi'an was the home of many emperors and now, of course, their tombs. From the Qin Dynasty to the Tang Dynasty, 62 emperors ruled China from Xi'an.

Tang Dynasty

The Tang Dynasty (618-907) was no doubt the most sparkling historic period in the history of Xi'an, even China. During the Tang Dynasty, China was the most powerful country in the world: economically, politically, and culturally. At that time, China occupied 58% of the property of the whole world, while the capital Xi'an served as the political, economic and cultural center of China. The impact of the Tang Dynasty was huge. Even today, their fabulous clothes are still on the stage and influencing fashion, not to mention their remarkable cultural symbol-Tang Poem.

Silk Road

Silk Road is not just a road, but an international connection bringing products from one side of the world to the other, an important path for cultural, commercial and technological exchange between east and west.

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