Xi'an Local Cuisine

Xi'an Local Cuisine

Xi'an is not only the birthplace of brilliant culture but also a food paradise. Visitors to Xi'an usually end up spending a lot of time on street food. Xi'an's local cuisine is well known throughout China for its diversity. No matter which city you go, you can always find some Xi'an style dishes and snacks. It is believed that visitors who want to get a close look at the lifestyle in their Xi'an tours should start with its food.

Xi'an cuisine is rich in the northwest flavor, with wheat flour as the main material. Among the local cuisines, beef & mutton paomo, Tang Dynasty Show and Dumplings Banquet are the most well known local food, known as "three treasures".

Dumpling Banquet

The shape of a dumpling resembles that of ancient gold and silver ingots or a crescent moon and symbolizes the hope for a year of plenty. In some places, people stuff dumplings with sugar to wish for a sweet life; others put one or two clean coins in the dumplings that means if you happen to come across one with a coin inside, you will enjoy good luck.

Flavor Snacks 

Tourists to Xi'an must do two things: one is to visit the Terracotta Warriors and Horses. The other is to taste Mutton Paomo (a soup dish that involves breaking wheat flour flatbread into a bowl and adding a delicious mutton stock). The most interesting place is the Local Snacks Street in Damaishi, the most famous Muslim snacks street in Xi'an. On the two sides of the 200-m street. Here tourists can have true Muslim cuisine and snacks, including mutton soup with cake, sausage, mutton, and porridge. While having food tourists can learn the customs of the Hui nationality.

Local Restaurants

Xi'an cuisine is simple and hearty; you won't leave the table hungry. Noodles and dumplings are predominant. Due to the large Hui community, Muslim food is common. The Muslim Snack Street is absolutely on the top of our highly recommended list for a nice place to eat in Xi'an. However, there are many other famous restaurants in the town that you might want to try during your visiting Xi'an.

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