Xi'an Local Lifestyle

Xi'an, the capital of Shaanxi Province and of 13 ancient Chinese Dynasties is a cosmopolitan metropolis where visitors can experience both its ancient past and glorious present. Xi'an local's lifestyles combine the best of China's culture and history, which makes it a unique element in your Xi'an tours.

Early in the morning, Xi'an's elderly can be seen in mass heading to Xi'an's parks and the squares to do morning exercises. They can be seen in groups practicing tai chi, performing martial arts, and chatting. This has been going on for centuries in China.

One traditional pastime that is unique to Xi'an is the ancient art form of Shaanxi Opera (Chinqiang). It has a very long history going back to the Qin Dynasty (221-206BC). Shaanxi Opera is very popular with the elderly.

After work, Xi'an's locals really like to let their hair down and let loose. It is at night that Xi'an truly shines. Most of Xi'an's ancient and modern buildings are lit up at night, and the scene is quite spectacular. The younger crowd likes to head out to be seen at Xi'an's numerous bars and nightclubs. Xi'an's nightlife is world-renown and is something the younger locals take very seriously. The most hopping nightspots can be found on Defu Bar Street, East Street, and the area around the ancient Drum Tower and City Wall. Many of Xi'an's fashionable young ladies like to spend the evenings shopping in Xi'an's many boutiques on East Street and the Drum Tower shopping center.

The spectacular musical fountain should is another highlight of the locals' lives. The fountain, which is located at the North Square near the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, is one of the biggest musical fountains in Asia. The fountain is lit up with colored lights and its water dances and sways to the music. The fountain is capable of creating large folding waterscapes and flame spurts are also incorporated into the fountain. Music, lights, water, and colors form an amazing spectacle. This area is popular with locals who like to come here to watch the show, people watch, or just get together with friends and chat. Children are particularly fond of the fountain and can sit mesmerized for hours in front of it.

Xi'an locals are extremely proud of their city, and rightfully so. It is an amazing city that blends the best of China's ancient past and cultures with the present. Many of them have never left the city and have no desire to do so. It is this pride that has made Xi'an the amazing city that it is.

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