Like all of China's major cities, Xi'an is a shopper's paradise. One of the things that make shopping in China such a wonderful and unique experience is that the items found in one city, cannot be found elsewhere in China. The arts and crafts sold in Xi'an cannot be found elsewhere. As the capital of Shaanxi province and the biggest city in the northwest of China, Xi'an has been a center for commerce for centuries. Shoppers in this city can purchase anything from name brand fashions and electronics to local arts and crafts during their Xi'an tours.

Xi'an has many large commercial centers. South Main Street is a great shopping area. The most famous shopping mall in this street is the Changan International Plaza with a total area of 266,000 square meters. This plaza contains a five-star hotel and a modern shopping mall. There are many famous brands items available for purchase at the Changan International Plaza.

Located on Jiefang Road is the Xi'an Parkson Shopping Mall. It is a modern shopping mall with an area of 16500 square meters. The first and the second floor sell clothes of the famous brand, the third floor is a large supermarket, and the fourth floor provides delicious Xi'an snacks. It is a great place for visitors to shop, eat, and relax.

The Bell Tower Shopping Street consists of the middle district, the northern district, and the southern district.

Every district has the cultural plaza, performance center, restaurants, supermarkets, and an amusement center. There are four Euramerican streets in the southern district underground, they are the Champs Elysees Street, the Las Vegas Street, the Ancient Roman Street, and the Hollywood Starlight Street. This area offers name brand boutiques.

Another shopping area that visitors to Xi'an must stop at is the shopping street and night market located behind the Drum Tower. The shopping street's buildings are built in the style of the Qing Dynasty and offer beautiful arts and crafts to visitors. Little stands line the streets and peddlers sell local snacks and foods. It is a wonderful experience to purchase little snacks at the stands while shopping. There is an area made up of tents which is the night market. Many dried fruits and snacks can be found there along with handmade arts and crafts. This area sells items that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

The Academy Gate and Culture Street is another fantastic shopping area for people interested in truly unique and high-quality local art. The street located next to the ancient city wall is lined with beautiful buildings made in the style of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The items sold in its shops are not cheap souvenirs, but high quality works of art. Jade, hand-crafted fans and art supplies, musical instruments, jewelry, and paintings can all be found on this street.

Xi'an is a fantastic place to go shopping. The arts and crafts unique to Xi'an are spectacular, colorful, and filled with history. Painted clay figurines, handcrafted ocarinas, shadow puppets, art supplies, peasant paintings and Chinese calligraphy works, and embroidery are just a few of the many wonderful and unique items that can be found in Xi'an. 

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