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Xian Tang Paradise - a Royal Garden in Tang Dynasty

Near the Big Wild Goose Pagoda in Xian, the Tang Paradise is the first royal-garden-like park to show visitors the splendid culture of Tang Dynasty, China. With the background of "going into the history, experiencing the Tang culture, and experiencing the Tang lifestyle”, it displays the resplendent culture of the Tang flourishing era.

The Tang Paradise is also the showing location of the famous water screen film in Xian. Here, visitors may enjoy the brilliant culture of Tang Dynasty while watching the fantastic water screen movie in their Xian tours.

Location of the Tang Paradise:

The Tang Paradise locates at the Qujiang new developed area, covering an area of 1000 mu (about 160 acres), of which 300 mu (about 50 acres) is water. The Tang Paradise is not only the biggest cultural theme park in the northwest, China, but also the first royal-garden-like park to show visitors the splendid Tang Dynasty's culture.

Different Theme Areas in the Tang Paradise:

The Tang Paradise is divided into 12 cultural theme areas, including the emperors, the poems, the folk culture, the food, the women, the tea culture, the religion, the technology, the diplomacy, the songs and dances, and architecture, to exhibit the brilliant culture of Tang Dynasty.

There are lots of buildings in the Tang Paradise, and visitors may see almost all the architectural styles and designs of the Tang Dynasty. Going into the park, each building has an amazing legend. Wandering through the ancient style architectures, you may feel that the time dates back to Tang Dynasty.

Performances showing on the Tang Paradise:

Attractive performances come on every day in the Tang Paradise, such as Kungfu show, acrobatics, and palace music, etc. The biggest water screen film in the world is also shown in this park. With music fountain, laser, and blaze, visitors may experience an exciting tridimensional world. So great!

Prizes and Records Xi'an Tang Paradise Has Made:

The Tang Paradise has made a lot of records. It has the biggest water screen film performed here; it is the first theme park in China catering to the five senses (vision, hearing, smell, touch, and taste); it has the biggest fragrant project outdoors in the world; it is the grandest building groups imitating the Tang style in China. The Tang Paradise is praised as "the Garden of History”, "the Garden of Spirit”, "the Garden of Nature”, "the Garden of Human Culture” and "the Garden of Art”.

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